My Name is Itou Serika

My Name is Itou Serika is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 06/17/2012

Mutta explains how he came to the conclusion that the time is 3a.m. However, he might have bent the truth a bit to make himself look good in front of Serika. As each team begins to settle in, the inevitable task of having to choose who will become astronauts is still in the back of everyone's minds. Their second task is to prepare breakfast and decide on a cook. Serika volunteers to serve as cook for Team A. We also learn the meaning of Serika's name.

Plot Summary

Yasushi demands that Mutta explain his answer
Yasushi demands that Mutta explain his answer

When Mutta is asked to explain why he thinks the time is 3a.m., Mutta uses an air abacus. He also says that he knows the distance that the bus traveled. The other teams go through similar discussions and calculations. In Team B, Kenji is puzzled because all they have to rely on is the bus, and even if they calculate everything that happened, almost everyone was asleep for the last stretch of the bus trip. Mutta explains that he checked the odometer both when he boarded and got off the bus. Then, assuming they were travelling at roughly 45kmph, they must have got off the bus at around 2a.m. Also because of Mutta's automobile expertise he could tell that the bus was turning and/or stopping at traffic lights just by the sound of the engine, which excludes the possibility that the bus went on the freeway and exceeded 45kmph. After giving his explanation, everyone is impressed. However Mutta's story is not entirely true. Mutta did not look at the odometer at all, instead he was looking at the bus driver's hairpiece, then happened to catch a glimpse of the bus' clock, which read 2:01a.m. when they got off.

Team B
Team B

In Team B there is one man, Tomii, who stayed up for the whole trip. He was reading while playing with his Rubik's cube while everyone else was asleep. After calculating how many pages he read and the times he solved the cube, Tomii concludes that it is 3a.m. Everyone is impressed.

After all teams submit their answers, Director Nasuda announces that the correct time is indeed 3:08a.m. Teams A and B answered correctly while Team C was 2 hours off. Nasuda then announces that they will resume the tasks tomorrow morning. As everyone goes to sleep unfortunately Serika's growling stomach has gotten so loud that it begins disturbing other's sleep. Everyone thinks it is Mutta's stomach.

"Dad, what does my name mean?"
"Dad, what does my name mean?"

That night Serika has a flashback. She remembers that one time as a child she asked her father the meaning of her name in order to complete a homework assignment. Her father said there wasn't one, Serika leaves before he can further explain why he named her Serika.

The next morning Serika wakes up early to write in her diary. At 8a.m. all teams are woken up. Tsurumi, the JAXA staff member who escorted them on the bus, tells them that their second task is to prepare and eat breakfast. Each team has been given food supplies which should last 2 weeks and will not be given any more supplies during the 2 weeks. Tsurumi also tells them that each team should decide on a menu and a cook. Serika, looking at their supplies, wonders whether it will really be enough.

Naoto, Yasushi and Mutta
Naoto, Yasushi and Mutta

Team A decides to eat some of the "space food" to start off. At breakfast Nitta Reiji (of Team A) says that they should probably discuss how they are going to decide who will become an astronaut. A member of Team B suggests that they use a cumulative point system for each task. A member of Team C suggests using a ballot/vote system where they submit votes after each day. Fukuda, the oldest member of Team A, says that they shouldn't worry about that so early since they still barely know each other. So Fukuda suggests they introduce themselves properly to each other. Mutta accidentally calls Serika by her first name, Mutta apologizes, but also afterward says that Serika is a nice name.

Serika continues the flashback she had earlier about asking her father the meaning of her name. Serika was the only one in her class who did not have a meaning for her name. Serika's father tries comforting her that night. Her father explains that before Serika was born, he and her mother prepared a list of names, all with different meanings. But he could not decide on a single meaning. Then when she was born, he thought of Serika and decided to call her that because he liked it.

"My name has no meaning!"
"My name has no meaning!"

Since Serika enjoys cooking and eating, she volunteers to be Team A's cook. As Serika is sorting through the food supplies, Mutta decides to help her out. Serika gives Mutta permission to use her first name, saying that she likes her name. In her flashback, the next day at school Serika finishes her homework and happily shares with her class, "My name is Itou Serika! My name has no meaning!"

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