My Little Sister's Rival Can't Come to Japan

My Little Sister's Rival Can't Come to Japan is an anime episode of Oreimo 2 that was released on 04/28/2013
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Kirino wants her former roommate, Ria, to homestay with her while she is in Japan. Kyousuke can’t understand why she is determined for her former rival to say with her.
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

My Little Sister's Rival Can't Come to Japan
RomajiOre no Imōto no Raibaru ga Rainichi suru Wake ge Nai
Theme Music
EndingHonest Rhapsody
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Kyousuke comes home to find a young, naked girl in front of him. When Kirino arrives to find her naked friend and Kyousuke, Kirino's towel magically falls off in front of her dear brother. During dinner, Kirino asks her father for permission to allow her American friend to sleep at their house. She reveals a guide that has friend's photo on the front cover. After Kirino had smacked Kyousuke for looking at them, Ria sneak behind Kirino and pull up Kirino's skirt in front of Kyousuke. Kyousuke watches Kirino wrestle and tickle Ria on the sofa. Then, Ria introduces herself to Kyousuke. She jumps on Kyousuke to give him an embrace. Kirino enters the room and finds Kyousuke doing something perverted again. During dinner, Kirino's parents get to know Ria a bit. As the days gone by, Kyousuke notice how much Kirino acts like an older sister to Ria. In the bathroom, Ria enters the room when Kyousuke is taking a bath. Kirino finds the two and freaks out at Kyousuke.

Over at Akihabara, Kirino finds Ria harassing a maid and scolds her. At the Animart, Kirino and Ria watch a clip of Meruru. Though, Ria gets bored with the show. Moments later, Kyousuke finds Ria reading an eroge doujinshi. Kirino kicks Kyousuke for letting Ria look at porn. When Kirino confesses her love of anime, Ria asks Kirino to a rematch. Over at the tracks, Kirino and Ria run as hard as they can. Kyousuke notices Ria has a big lead over Kirino, and he cheers on Kirino. He yells out that he is sister lover. Somehow, Ria had claim her victory. Back at the Kousaka Residence, Ria points out that Kirino got out of shape in America when Kyousuke wasn't there. However, Kyousuke explains that Kirino could not play eroge in the same room, but he admits that Kirino had recovered because of him. Kirino enters the room and spots Ria attempting to kiss Kyousuke. After Ria had left, Kirino requests Kyousuke to be her boyfriend.

Points of Interest

  • Sword Art Online Reference: In Akihabara, there are figures of Kirito, Asuna, and Lisbeth.


  • On the ABC channel, Kirino's panties were censored with beams of light.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Kirino: "I just wasn't myself while I was over there. That's why I came back to the place where I could be who I really am. I just couldn't throw away the things I love. Not my club, my friends, my family, nor my hobbies... I'm only myself if I have them all, so... I'm going to beat you as myself."
— Kirino telling Ria why she left America

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Tsukasa Fushimi Original Concept Author of the Oreimo series of light novels and manga.
Hiroyuki Kanbe Director
LLO Original Concept Original Light Novel Artist
ClariS OP Theme Song: "Reunion"
Ayana Taketatsu ED Theme Song: "Honest☆Rhapsody (ほねすと☆ラプソディー)"


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