My Little Sister's Advice Can't End Here (True Route)

My Little Sister's Advice Can't End Here (True Route) is an anime episode of Oreimo (ONA) that was released on 02/22/2011
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Plot Summary

My Little Sister's Advice Can't End Here (True Route)
Kanji俺の妹の人生相談がこれで終わるわけがない TRUE ROUTE
RomajiOre no Imōto no Jinsei Sōdan ga Kore de Owaru Wake ga Nai -True Route-
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Kyousuke notices Kirino is acting strange during breakfast when Kirino chats with their parents. Later in Kirino's class, Ayase informs Kirino that the director is interested in having Kanako perform as an idol. Kirino bid Kanako good luck. Along the way home, Manami assures Kyousuke that Kirino is thanking him properly. Then, the two bump into Ayase. Moments later, Kyousuke asks Ayase about Kirino. Ayase tells him that she will keep him informed. In Kirino's bedroom, Kirino requests Kyousuke to buy her an eroge from a midnight special sale in Akihabara. Kyousuke is concerned about their dad finding out. Kirino begs Kyousuke until the big old brother gives into Kirino's orders.

Over at Akihabara, Kyousuke makes a phone call to Kohei to make an alibi, and he finds two long lines. Somehow, Kyousuke bumps into Kohei - who thought he was with Manami. The two promise each other they will not speak about this incident with a manly handshake. Kyousuke finds out that Kohei is buying homo erotic game. Kohei explains that his younger sister is forcing him to buy it. Reaching an epiphany, Kyousuke accepts Kohei's story. Kohei explains that his sister is a Fujioshi - who loves playing homo games. The girls clap upon hearing Kohei's story. After a while, Kyousuke obtains Kirino's eroge and calls Kirino that the trains have closed down. Kyousuke spots a fan's bike and begs the man (Gennosuke) to let him borrow the bike to get home to his sister. Gennosuke allows Kyousuke to borrow his bike because no fan of the game is a bad person.

At last, Kousuke reaches his home. After sneaking inside, Kirino plays the eroge game with Kyousuke. Moments later, Kirino reveals a secret she has been hiding to Kyousuke, an album. Kyousuke declines Kirino's offer to see the content in the album. Then, Kirino reveals her grades and that she has been losing. She asks Kyousuke to protect her collection. The next day, Kyousuke finds his little sister gone from their house. Kyousuke's father informs Kyousuke that Kirino left for America to train for track. He allows Kirino to go to America after Kirino has demonstrated responsibility, paying for the trip herself. Along the way to school, Kyousuke finds out that Kuroneko is wearing his school uniform.

Points of Interest

  • Kyousuke's father gets in trouble for taking pictures of his daughter when he gets mistaken for being an intruder.
  • This episode marks the first time that Manami had met Ayase.
  • Saori speaks with Kyousuke on the phone, but she does not appear in this episode.
  • A Fujioshi is a female otaku.
  • Kuroneko calls Kirino to get measurements for her headsize. What is Kuroneko up to? Find out in the next episode!
  • In Kirino's porn collection, there is a game about eating poop as a fetish. Kirino claims she bought the game because she recognizes the artist. Plus, she didn't know what "toro" meant.

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Tsukasa Fushimi Original Concept Author of the Oreimo series of light novels and manga.
ClariS OP Theme Song: Irony
Ayana Taketatsu ED Theme Song: Ready


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