My Little Sister Can't Wear a Wedding Dress

My Little Sister Can't Wear a Wedding Dress is an anime episode of Oreimo 2 that was released on 06/09/2013
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Once Ayase learned that Kyousuke was dating Kuroneko, she called him to her room and interrogated him. Several days later, she receives word from Manami that Kyousuke and Kuroneko broke up. Ayase believes it's all her fault, so she calls Kyousuke...
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Plot Summary

My Little Sister Can't Wear a Wedding Dress
RomajiOre no Imōto ga Uedingu Doresu o Kiru Wake ga Nai
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Over at Ayase's bedroom, she handcuffs Kyousuke and congratulates Kyousuke for having a girlfriend. Ayase is concerned since she will not be able to use Kyousuke anymore. She states him that if he has a girlfriend, Kirino might become more reserved. Kyousuke gets kicked out of Ayase's bedroom after Ayase gets fed up with Kyousuke's lies. Meanwhile, Ayase calls Manami who explained that Ruri had broken up with Kyousuke. Ayase calls Kyousuke if he had broken up with his girlfriend because of her. Though, Kyousuke cannot get through Ayase when Ayase started yelling at him. Next day, Ayase has Kyousuke meet up with Kanako and Bridget at the Zeppelin Tokyo. Kyousuke is pretending to be a manager at Kanako's request. Kyousuke thanks Kanako for giving him a ticket while Kanako states that Kyousuke is her first fan. Kanako informs Ayase about the Meruru festival where voice actors sing their character songs while cosplayers dance on stage. This event involves ClariS. Kyousuke leaves when he receives a text message from Kirino. Kirino is busy with a wedding commercial, and she is sad that she might miss the Meru Fest when the commercial shoot is taking too long.

At Kirino's place, Kyousuke arrives on a Meruru bicycle in front of Kirino. Kirino is embarrassed when the guys are stopping Kyousuke until she speaks up. Moments later, Kirino scolds Kyousuke for arriving here on a bike without any shame. Kyousuke states that he is here to pick her for the Meruru festival. Misaki arrives to cut up Kirino's wedding skirt to make it easier for Kirino to ride the bicycle. Arriving late to the concert, Kirino has Kyousuke find better seats to get a better view at the singers.

Points of Interest

  • The opening theme song is a Meruru's theme song.
  • ClariS is a female duo of singers who sang Oreimo season 2's opening theme song. They make a debut in this episode.


There are beams of light censoring the Meruru bicycle wheels.

AT-X has aired this episode in its uncensored form. Here are three shots that reveals the content, Meruru, on the wheel spokes.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Kirino: "I bet we're the only siblings whose first bike ride together went like this."
— Kirino riding with Kyousuke

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Tsukasa Fushimi Original Concept Author of the Oreimo series of light novels and manga.
Hiroyuki Kanbe Director
Misaki Kuno OP Theme Song: 星くずこすぷれ☆うぃっち!です!・おめが
ClariS ED Theme Song: Reunion


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