My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute!

My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute! is an anime episode of Oreimo 2 that was released on 06/02/2013
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Plot Summary

My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute!
RomajiOre no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai!
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Kyousuke glances at his cell phone while he waits for Kuroneko's message. He wonders if Kuroneko was joking with him. At school, Akagi informs Kyousuke that Kuroneko had transferred school. Later, Kyousuke runs by Kuroneko's home and finds the place empty. Over at the Kousaka Residence, Kyousuke climbs on top of Kirino who is sleeping and slaps Kirino. He asks Kirino for advice. Kirino tells Kyousuke to face forward and to cheer up while she embraces her big brother's back. Next day, Kirino and Kyousuke search for Kuroneko by asking the folks in a town that Kuroneko had texted to Kirino. Kirino grasps Kuroneko's hands and asks her why she did all this. Kuroneko is touched when Kirino states that she is here to bring Kuroneko back. She asks Kirino if she was fine with her dating Kyousuke and points that Kirino was pretending to ignore it. Kuroneko reminds her that she ran away from them when Kuroneko had asked Kirino to try her game. Despite what Kuroneko had stated, Kirino asks Kuroneko why hasn't she confessed. After exchanging questions, Kirino yells out that she hates her brother, but she did not want to see him a girlfriend. She admits being relieved when Kuroneko dumped Kyousuke. Then, Kirino says that it was hard to see Kyousuke suffering because of Kuroneko.

With a heavy burden lifted, Kirino confesses that she loves Kyousuke because he was always there helping her. Then, Kuroneko asks Kyousuke if he would still choose her despite what Kirino wants. Though, she stops Kyousuke from answering and states it was a joke. Suddenly, Kuroneko had fainted. Later, Kuroneko states that she is moving to Matsudo because of her father had found a new job. Then, she teases Kirino about how hard Kirino was trying to convince her. Over at the Gokou Residence, Kyousuke tells Kirino that he will get a girlfriend when Kirino has a boyfriend first. Then, Kuroneko arrives and reveals her true ideal world of her, Kirino, and Kyousuke in it. While Kyousuke thinks back about the recent events, he thanks Kirino.

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Kirino: "I hate my brother! But... I never want to see my brother with a girlfriend! I want to be the most important person to him!"
— Kirino confessing how she feels about Kyousuke and Kuroneko

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Tsukasa Fushimi Original Concept Author of the Oreimo series of light novels and manga.
Hiroyuki Kanbe Director
ClariS OP Theme Song: "Reunion"


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