My Little Sister Can't Be Bringing Her Boyfriend Home

My Little Sister Can't Be Bringing Her Boyfriend Home is an anime episode of Oreimo 2 that was released on 05/12/2013
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Plot Summary

My Little Sister Can't Be Bringing Her Boyfriend Home
RomajiOre no Imōto ga Ie ni Kareshi o Tsuretekuru Wake ga Nai
Theme Music
EndingKyō mo shiawase
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After a short clip of Stardust☆Witch Meruru, Kirino finds out that Mikagami is an Otaku. When Kyousuke asks Mikagami how he met Kirino, Kirino explains that Mikagami works under Misaki as a fashion model and designer. Mikagami sells Eternal brand products, and he showcases an accessory that sells for 500 Yen. He states that since Kirino had wore his accessories, Misaki introduces Kirino to him. When Kyousuke is relieved that Kirino has someone to talk about anime related matters at work, Kuroneko and Kirino glance at Kyousuke with a strange look.

Over at Ayase's home, Kyousuke finds himself handcuffed by Ayase, and he recalls how he came here to meet Ayase at her request. He remarks how Ayase got his hopes up when he thought Ayase was going to confess. Ayase asks Kyousuke about a photo of him and Kirino hugging each other so amiably. When Ayase reveals her yandere face, Kyousuke crawls away in fear. After Kyousuke has explained his situation and Kirino's, Ayase frees Kyousuke from his handcuffs. Kyousuke asks Ayase if Kirino had a boyfriend. Ayase freaks out and shakes Kyousuke repeatedly. She states that she doesn't know, but she mentions Kirino does get a lot of attention.

Along the way home, Kuroneko chats with Kyousuke, and she tells him that she has been watching him. When Kyousuke asks Kuroneko if she loved him, Kureoneko replies that she loved Kyousuke as much as Kirino does. Then, Kirino comes out and interrupts Kuroneko. Inside the Kousaka residence, the gang have a Summer Comiket after-party. Suddenly, Kirino confesses that she is going out with Mikagami and states that she had kissed him, too. Kuroneko leaves the party. While Kirino and Kyousuke argue a bit, Kirino leaves the group. Saori cleans up things and comments that it's natural for people to fight.

When Mikagami visits Kousaka Residence, Kyousuke takes Mikagami's seat. Kyousuke's mother is apalled at Kyousuke's behavior. When Kyousuke acts rude towards Mikagami, Kirino slaps Kyousuke. While Kyousuke recalls Saori's words telling him to be more confident, he visits his father - who is drunk in the bedroom. After Kyousuke's father throws a fit, Kyousuke tells his father that he will take his place and finds out if Mikagami is the man for Kirino. Moments later, Kyousuke apologizes to Kirino and explains that he does not want Kirino to go out with any guys because he hates to see her being taken away. He asks Mikagami if he loved Kirino. With Mikagami confirming it, Kyousuke acknowledges Mikagami. However, Kyousuke asks Mikagami to prove that he cherishes Kirino more than he does. Kirino hits Kyousuke and brings up how he flirts with Kuroneko. She cries that she lied about how Mikagami was her boyfriend. Mikagami explains that Kirino had asked him to fill the role and points out that Misaki saw through their act. Then, Kyousuke's father arrives and yells out about the mess that Kirino had caused.

Behind school, Kyousuke arrives to inform Kuroneko that Kirino is redoing the party. Kuroneko asks Kyousuke to go out with her.

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The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Kyousuke: "You said it so cutely... it got my hopes up! Dammit! I knew it was a trap! Damn you, Ayase! How dare you toy with my maidenly heart!"
— Kyousuke telling Ayase
Kuroneko: "I do love you. I love you just as strongly as your little sister loves you."
— Kuroneko's confession
Kyousuke: "I'm not handing Kirino over! If you want to go out with Kirino, then you'll have to make me accept it first! You'll have to prove to me that you can cherish Kirino even more than I do!"
— Kyousuke telling Mikagami

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Tsukasa Fushimi Original Concept Author of the Oreimo series of light novels and manga.
Hiroyuki Kanbe Director
Kana Hanazawa ED Song: "Monochrome☆HAPPY DAY (モノクロ☆HAPPY DAY)"
ClariS OP Theme Song: "Reunion"


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