Why Do Guys Like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

Topic started by Guest_Author on Feb. 9, 2012. Last post by ImmortalSaiyan 2 years, 11 months ago.
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@Daniel_Newton: most certainly correct. Just something I wanted to point out. I don't ever worry about anything fox news says...they are certifiably crazy anyway.

Sounds like a good show that if I had kids I would definitely want them to watch. Glad someone is making those now.

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I just got done watching all the episodes that have aired this last week and I am impressed.

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"sigh" i suddenly got the feeling to place all those ponies directly under the nuke that we used on Hiroshima.

actauly i got a better idea


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Really!? That make you to be a terrible person, by saying that. There other ways to say something, you could of said "I suddenly got the feeling to place all those ponies directly under a Freeza KI blast" instead of using something that have millions of people dying

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When I tried this show out I was not expecting much honestly, despite how much some people on the internet raved about it. I was pleasantly shocked by how much I ended up enjoying it. It's a legitimately great show that is well written, with strong characters, can be very funny. Everything Pinkie Pie says is gold. I think it handles it's overall theme of friendship very well, never being cheesy about it. I have not been keeping up with season 2, I'm the type to speed through a season, so i'm waiting for it to conclude.

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