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Mai-HiME - Sure it has magical school girls, but it rocked. Reviewed by JJOR64 on May 15, 2010. JJOR64 has written 38 reviews. His/her last review was for My-HiME. 135 out of 146 users recommend his reviews. 4 out of 4 users found this review helpful.
Mai-HiME (aka My-HiME) is an anime original created by Sunrise.  It was directed by Masakazu Obara and written by Hiroyuki Yoshino.  Mai-HiME is an fantasy- action, comedy-romance, drama show with themes of yuri, mecha, magical girls, and high school.

 I'm just going to insert this picture and walk  away.
 I'm just going to insert this picture and walk away.

Plot Summary

Mai Tokiha and her sick brother Takumi are transferring to Fuka Academy.  While on their way to the Academy by a large ship, they stumble across a girl in the water ( Mikoto Minagi) a bring her aboard.  Later that night they are attacked by a girl with supernatural powers ( Natsuki Kuga) and ends up battle with Mikoto, which ends up breaking the ship in half.  Later Mai learns she is a HiME and must fight against supernatural enemies called Oufans and fight against the Searrs Foundation.
Here is a little explanation on HiMEs.

HiME refers to the ability to create solid objects from photons, as well as the females who wield this ability. It stands for Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment. It is a backronym of hime, the Japanese word for princess. All HiMEs have an identical birthmark shaped like the HiME symbol on various points of their bodies, usually the part of their bodies governed by their astrological sign. HiMEs typically are associated with a classical element or some other theme.

 -- Wikipedia
For more info on the terminology used in the show (there is tons of it), check out the Wikipedia page, it's really interesting.  If you don't want to be spoiled, you may not want to look at it.


Like most shows that I dive into head first without know a lot about except the basics, I'm and glad I checked this out.

 Natsuki (blue hair), Mai (orange hair) and  Mikoto (black hair).
 Natsuki (blue hair), Mai (orange hair) and Mikoto (black hair).

First of the characters.  There were a lot of characters I actually liked.  Of course the most memorable ones for me are the main cast; Mai, Mikoto, and. Natsuki.  I thought Mai was a good lead character for the show.  She is a fun and loving character who has tons or memorable moments during the show.  As the show goes it gets very sad and depressing for her and you just fell her pain.  Mikoto was a goofy kid who acts like an animal, often running like a dog and jumping around.  When she is pissed you don't want to be in the way of her sword.  The thing is as big as Cloud's from Final Fantasy VII.  What made me like her was her lighthearted/childish personality.  Natsuki is one of the cold people and the start, but ends up being likable as the show goes on.  There were some other great characters as well.  Tate Yuuichi is a first year at high school, just like Mai and Natsuki.  Another one that stood out of Shizuru Fujino who plays are bigger role near the end of the series.  There are lot more as well.
Let's talk about production values.  The music was fantastic.  It flowed perfectly with all the awesome fight scenes the show had.  From time to time there was some cheesy rock and roll music, but it didn't ruin the show.  The overall animation was excellent and you can see it during the awesome fight scenes the show has to offer.  The character models weren't ground breaking (typical big breasted school girls)
One of the most noteworthy things for me was the flow of the show.  At first it starts like a normal high school fantasy action show.  It gets better and better, then they throw a curve ball at you and the show gets dark and at times, sad and depressing.
Yes, this show actually has male characters.   This is Yuuichi.
Yes, this show actually has male characters.  This is Yuuichi.
   It kinda took me by surprise a little.  Make the show darker isn't bad though.  We get to see the other sides of the main characters and side characters and see them evolve.
Other noteworthy things are the yuri themes.  At first you kinda get the feeling that it's kinda going on, then later you are "Oh wow" and you can clearly tell.  The comedy used in the show was pretty good as well.  It seems like they used it at the right spots and they worked.  Other things were the concepts in the show, the HiMEs and all other stuff the show introduces.  (I don't want to get to deep because it's kinda spoiler.)  The concepts got me hocked into the world of Mai-HiME.  It first it was kinda scary, but I got a grasp  of all the terminology fairly quickly.  Another thing I also liked is that the episodes leave good cliff hangers and it makes me want to keep watching to see what happens next.  I kept doing "OK, just one more and I'm done for the night" and I kept watching and watching.
There wasn't a whole lot of things I didn't like.  The only thing that comes to mind is the ending, it's kinda cheesy.
I don't know why, but I just loved this show.  Great characters, awesome music, awesome fight scenes, characters you care about, interesting concepts, and the  show just kept sucking me in and I wanted to keep watching more and more till I finished it.

Review Overview

  • Great cast of characters
  • Fantastic Music
  • Fantastic Fight Scenes
  • Interesting Concepts
  • The show made me want to keep watching to see what happens next.

  • The ending was kinda cheesy.
If you are looking for a new action-fantasy show and you don't mind magical girls and yuri themes, you should check this show out.
My Score - 5 out of 5.
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