My Friend, the Shrimp-man

My Friend, the Shrimp-man is an anime episode of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Scion of Sorcery that was released on 12/26/1998

Orphen and company enter an abandoned town. The three, Orphen, Cleao, and Majic, discuss their next course of action - to discover more information Orphen must return to the Tower of Fang, even though he's hunted by the school. They hole up for the night in an abandoned hotel. However, as they clean up, Dortin arrives, carrying Volkan. Volkan had been eating poisonous mushrooms and had become extremely ill. Orphen leaves to search for healing herbs, while everyone else remained to keep an eye on Volkan.

At the Tower of Fang, the elders are aware of Orphen's plans, and have decided that if Orphen returns to the Tower he must be killed - and Childman must carry this out.

As Dortin goes out to get water, he is attacked by an unseen assailant. Shortly afterwards, Majic comes out to investigate, only to be attacked by a mysterious figure, riding a bull and carrying a scythe. However, in mid-"Justice Speech" he falls through the roof of the hotel, into the bathroom where Cleao is bathing. Cleao throws chunks of bathtub and anything else she can get at him until the floor collapses under him again, sending him to the lobby. Cleao (now wearing a towel) and Majic confront the attacker, who calls himself "Black Tiger". Recognizing this as a kind of shrimp, Majic, and then Cleao mock him. Black Tiger demands to see Orphen, and upon learning that he isn't there, he leaves with what's left of his pride.

Upon his return, Orphen administers the herbs to Volkan, and states that he's suspicious about this Black Tiger. Majic and Orphen begin to search for Dortin while Cleao remains behind, to mind Volkan and wait to see if Dortin shows up. Much to her horror, she discovers what attacked Dortin - a giant spider. The town has two giant spiders nesting in it. One attacks Cleao, who screams. Majic runs to her rescue, carrying the Sword of Baltanders only to be captured by the other spider.

Volkan awakes, and sets out to find everyone, discovering the Sword of Baltanders on the ground. Following the drag marks, he discovers where Dortin, Cleao, and Majic are being held. He frees Dortin, but is unable to free anyone else before the spiders return.

Meanwhile, Orphen and Black Tiger are fighting, with Orphen revealing that he knows that Black Tiger is from the Tower of Fang. Black Tiger nearly gets the upper hand by creating illusory versions of himself, but Orphen manages to spot the correct Black Tiger, and overcomes him.

Back at the spider web, our Majic and Cleao nearly become spider food, but not before Childman arrives, and destroys the spiders. Black Tiger nearly explains a secret he knows about Azalie to Orphen, but Childman intervenes, and Childman and Black Tiger depart. A safe distance away, Black Tiger removes his mask, revealing that he is Hartia. Childman reproaches him for nearly telling Orphen the secret.

At the Tower of Fang, Bloody August appears... and attacks.

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Steven Foster ADR Director (English) ADR Director for all of Dirty Pair, along with Pani Poni Dash
Iku Suzuki Associate Director Animation Director and Storyboard artist for numerous series
Masashi Kubota Writer
Kenichi Araki Writer
Mayori Sekijima Writer
Kenji Kato Art Director Art Director on numerous anime series, including Utena, Orphen, and Shuffle!
Shichiro Kobayashi Art Director
Kazunori Iwakura Animation Director
Masahiro Aizawa Animation Director
Yuji Matsukura Producer
Hiroshi Watanabe


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