MY BRIDE IS A MERMAID #1 -- Watch & Learn

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Change of pace, lunatics. We’ll be taking a break from EUREKA SEVEN and YU YU HAKUSHO for a week or so to catch up with a number of fine, new Funimation titles that have come to my doorstep. Read my thoughts on…

It pushes the super-deformed squish button more than I would’ve liked in the second half, but I was pleasantly surprised by how diverting this show was. It nicely reminded me of some of the better 80's romcoms (although, amusingly enough, I wouldn’t necessarily throw SPLASH into the comparison pool.) Credit’s due to the dub team for making all the set-up in the first half so entertaining in itself. You’re pretty much ready to follow this family around for anything after all the brownie points they earn in that portion of simple summer fun.

I don’t know if the Japanese have the same idiom about “sleeping with the fishes” in their gangsters’ parlance, but I feel like the wordplay fits together too handily for it to be a coincidence. This kid’s betrothed is a mermaid whose father is a yakuza boss and he’s pretty much prodding in him into a shotgun wedding where he’s… uh… pretty much going to have realize that phrase in a literal sense. There’d be simply too much cute, pan-Pacific serendipity for that to be a happy accident.

Getting back to the drawbacks, though, I’m usually the sort of guy who’s going to chide a series for not being as over-the-top as it could be, but I honestly wish this pilot would’ve exerted just a tad more restraint. I didn’t mind the chibi at first, but when it steadily started taking over the show, I was honestly hoping the crew could’ve taken some lessons from something like KING OF THE HILL about the value of understatement. Actually, even though I’d be down to toss this into the “interested” pile (though it’d be unlikely I’d ever get to continue it,) I can’t help but wish for it to be taken up by somebody like Mike Judge for an adaptation that tones things down some.

Watch this episode, "The Yakuza Wife" below and decide for yourself.

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This is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. Absolutely hilarious and enjoyable.

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Its one of the funniest series I seen. Their jokes just hit at the right moments. Its an example of the anime being better than the Manga.

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The chibi being over the top is intentional.

Keep watching and you'll see that everything is over the top.

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Choco banana

that is all.

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I am a fan of the series, I loved the idea of Yakuza Mermaids:)
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Hilarious series. I still need to finish it.

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I really enjoyed this series.

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Does anyone know if they have the same sleeping with the fishes term? Looked at this one and it did get some good reviews, haven't given it a change yet though. Oh and you would get on a show for NOT being over the top? This after you spent the whole run of Brotherhood talking about how it was to over the top??

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So it's begun, have fun Tom! :)


@pandashake said:

Choco banana

that is all.

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