MW #1 - MW

is a manga book published by Vertical, Inc. that was released on 04/04/2007

Plot Summary

The manga begins with Mr. Nanpedai going to his son's kidnapper with the police following him. Michio Yuki, the kidnapper, asks Nanpedai about why did he just call the cops and they went to a cave. When Nanpedai begs to get his son back, Michio is revealed to have killed him because of having called the cops when he is instructed to not call them. Angered, Nanpedai attacks, but Michio dodges and kills him by having a boat run him over.
Just as Michio have escaped, the police are pursing him.
After having a bad dream, Garai meets Michio and tells him to go to the confession booth to confess his sins. When having found out that Michio committed murder and that the police surrounded the church, Garai orders Michio, who is dressing up as a nun, to leave which he agrees since he knows that Garai wouldn't turn him in to the police. By the time the police comes looking for Michio, Garai refuses to tell the police about him.
Michio is shown working in the bank in the daytime. When he gets there, he hears the news of his client, Nanpedai, getting the ransom money and being killed by his son's kidnapper. The people think that Nanpedai is a rich man and that is the main motive for his son being kidnapped to bring the ransom money. As he leaves work, Michio meets with Garai outside to tell about the police, which something Garai doesn't want to talk about. He brings him to his apartment where he has forced him to have sex.
The next day, Garai tells his story to the bishop about Michio. Ever since he was a young kid, Garai is in a group of delinquents having a vacation at Mafune Island. While there, they met the young Michio and they bullied him. In a cave, Garai rapes Michio and formed a homosexual relationship between the two. 
By the time they exit the cave, they find themselves survivors of a gas attack, MW. However, Michio begins to have headaches as he inhaled a dose of the gas and Garai saves him by using a boat to leave the island. Garai describes that the MW is turning Michio insane and says that he has his intelligence intact, but the morality in his heart is no more. Since then, he begins to commit atrocious crimes and mocks Garai by confessing his sins to him on each crime. Garai himself could not bring himself to arrest Michio because he knows that it couldn't save his soul. Because of this, he is forced into going into this routine.
Touched by this story, the bishop gives a rosary to Garai and use it to protect himself.
Meanwhile, Michio meets his boss' daughter, Miho, and at the night, while having sex with Miho, he killed her and drives off. Just then, the news of the kidnapping of Miho comes. Michio gets a call from his boss about the kidnapping and tells him to not tell anybody else about the kidnapping. He agrees not to.
Michio begins to cross-dress as Miho when Garai arrives and tries to shoot Michio, but ended up shooting an already dead Miho. With this, Garai has no choice but to follow Michio's orders in getting her parents' money. While Michio is looking behind, Garai tries to strangle him, but Michio looks back and mocks him about having carsickness. Garai angrily says that a monster like Michio wouldn't understand that.
Upon getting into a house at a beach, Michio impersonates as Miho while Garai is forced to disguise as Miho's kidnapper. They successfully manage to get the money.
Afterwards, Michio begins to torment his boss by having him drive around town for the night. While doing so, he cross-dresses as Miho and robs the bank he works for. Michio has his boss drive around town so that he can find out that he has connections to MW.
In the next day, Miho is being blamed for the robbery, unaware that she is killed by Michio.
In the next night, Michio led his boss into a trap where he has him struggling to be pulled up. Michio begins to make explanations, but threatens his boss that he will throw a match into his mouth if he ever interrupts him. Michio begins to make explanations, including the fact that he killed Miho and impersonates as her. He kills him by throwing a match into his mouth and sends him falling to his death. Next, Michio gets a journalist to help him get information about MW. He kills the latter's brother when he refuses to help him.
The next day, Michio and Garai go to Mafune Island in order to find MW. They grab a hostage there named Taizo Yubashito . For the night, they have sex with each other.
In the next day, after being tortured by Michio, Yubashito confesses the MW is in the mass tomb. By the time they got there, a helicopter comes trying to kill them. Yubashito is killed by the attack. By the time Garai gets MW, it is empty.
In the boat, Michio confesses that by killing all of the people responsible for MW, it is not revenge he's after. He wants to get his hands on MW and use it to kill all of the people around the world when he dies. When Garai asks him of his reason, Michio doesn't have a reason.
Just then, Michio is hospitalized due to the MW. Knowing that Garai is trying to tell about it, he has a journalist to help him. Meanwhile, Garai has successfully managed to get MW known to the public. By the time Michio meets with Garai, he tells him that since MW is affected him, his brain and heart got damaged by it. Because of this, Michio only has a few years to live.
Michio marries to Nakata's daughter, therefore getting the last name, Nakata. They went on to a honeymoon afterwards. Before going to a plane, he tortures Garai by sending him to a nightclub. 
While in his honeymoon, Michio has his pet dog kill Shunsaku Ban, but it failed. When Detective Meguro has told his wife everything about Michio, the latter kills her and disguises as her. He has hired a safe-cracker to help him get MW.
In a military base, Michio has General Minch hostage in order to get MW. He meets with Garai again and forces him to cooperate. Upon being confronted by the soldiers outside, Michio threatens them that if they shoot the bag of MW, it's the end for them. Upon having no other choice, the soldiers let him go.
Michio has managed to get a military soldier with kids hostage also. Meguro arrives, but cannot arrest him. Instead, he tells him to have a good trip.
Upon getting into the plane, Michio has planned to mass produce MW that is enough to cause the end of the world, killing everyone around the world. Just then, Michio confronts his older brother who happens to be just like him. The two fight over for the gas. Garai has managed to grab into MW and makes a heroic sacrifice as he thinks by doing this, he saved Michio's soul. Michio is saddened by his death and just as he is escaping, Minch shot him. He points his gun at Michio's brother, who tells him that he is the hijacker's brother, but he has a good heart.
The plane returns to Tokyo where the case is discussed in the Japanese Diet. Mr. Nakata, however, is not in this discussion as he suffered a cerebral softening after he learned about the demise of his daughter as well as the disfigurement and dismemberment of her body. 
Meguro gives Michio's brother freedom to help out Michio. While walking out, he is hugged by Sumiko, who mistakes him for Michio. When he asks what is up with her, Meguro replies that she is one of Michio's playthings.. However, he makes an evil grin to the reader, revealing that it is none other than Michio himself.


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