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Older manga is a tough sell, so I'm actually betting that most of you haven't gotten around to reading Osamu Tezuka's dark tale MW, about the true face of evil (turns out he's gorgeous, and he sleeps with a priest).

Nonetheless, for the five or six of you who have read the manga, you're probably well aware that a movie based on the manga has been released.  The director, Hitoshi Iwamoto, was "aiming for a Hollywood feel in the production," but the Hollywood Reporter-- with the first review of the film I've seen --doesn't think he hit his mark.

"The film version dilutes [protagonist Yuki's] psychopathic nature and focuses on his fight against government corruption and American imperialism, almost turning him into a crusader of justice...Yamada's role as a pivotal character is seriously compromised though since the dramatic conflict between his desire for Yuki and his conscience is has been toned down to a wishy-washy friendship.

A chaotic chase sequence through the streets of Bangkok in the first act has the raciness of an old Bond movie. After this, the pace totally sags until the last act."

There's more detail if you're interested, but suffice it to say, it's not a ringing endorsement-- a shame, for an adaptation of such a seminal work (widely credited as Tezuka's early move into darker material).
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Osamu Tetsuka.... have a awesome talent about anime.. have many best anime that I like to watch, cyboc 009 andf have signature anime that when I saw it work Osamu Tetzuka, like other talent anime Dragon Ball, one piece and Blue Dragon by Akira Toriyama..... F.Fujio with futuristik cat robot Doraemon... ;)
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