Mutual Love

Mutual Love is an anime episode of Durarara!! that was released on 04/29/2010

Mutual Love Episode 16

Mutual Love  (相思相愛)  Sōshisōai 
As Shizuo and Shuji fight, Celty assumes that the worst is finally over as she escorts Anri home. Haruna Niekawa approaches Anri at her home and makes some bold accusations against the girl. As the night draws on, Celty and Shizuo find out that the worst is not over. 

Plot Summary

Opening Theme 
Complication ( コンプリケイショ )  by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D 
As Shuji prepares to attack Shizuo, Shizuo walks over to Saburo's van as he claims he needs to borrow the door. Ripping the door of the rolling track, he uses it as an impromptu shield/battering ram as he charges straight to Shuji. He makes a direct hit and is able to pin him against a wall so that he wouldn't get up again. As Saburo demands to know who will pay for the damages, Celty retrieves the demonic blade with her shadows, not touching it. She tells Shinra how she left Shuji to Kadota and she took Anri home since she knows she is Mikado's friend. Shizuo left soon after as he knows something isn't right as he says he's going to go and kill Izaya. Celty explains that she know has the demon weapon and asks Shinra to look at it.  
Anri is home by herself as someone rings for her. She opens the door to a mysterious girl who states that she is Haruna Niekawa and she has come to meet with Anri. Shinra explains the origin of the demon blade Saika as it is a demon who loves all of humanity. However, since it is a cursed blade and has no body, thus is possesses people and gives shape to its love by slashing people again and again. Anri knows that Haruna is there because of the rumors behind her and Nasujima, but she tells him its nothing. Haruna laments how she loves Nasujima and tried to give shape to her love but it ended up being pointless as she was rejected. She claims that while she can forgive Nasujima, she can't forgive Anri for being the girl Nasujima fell in love with.  
Celty then remembers that she met Shuji the other day and Shinra realizes that the blade she brought back isn't the original Saika, the blade having disappeared five years ago. It is shown that Haruna was the one who stabbed her own father, possessing him to attack Anri. Celty wonders about the connection between Saika and the weird online texts that have been appearing on the chatroom. Shinra theorizes that Saika implants a part of her soul into her victims, her children so to speak. As they try to make sense of it all, Shizuo arrives at Izaya's office where the two confront one another. Shizuo suspects that Izaya is behind the Slasher, something Izaya slyly denies as the two begin to fight. Celty arrives though and claims she needs Shizuo's help once more.  
Haruna corners Anri and claims that she is a parasite who leeched off of Mika and probably seduced the man who killed her parents. Anri admits to clinging on to people and that Nasujima isn't worth it. Haruna goes in for a kill but Nasujima arrives, knocking on the door and running in terror when he sees Haruna. Haruna claims that she can't kill Anri tonight but sends her children to kill her instead, those that had already been attacked by the Slasher and wield knives. At the local park, Shizuo and Celty are surrounded by the Slasher victims, all of them claiming to love Shizuo and how strong he is. Shizuo laughs his head off as he realizes this is the perfect thing to do to work out all of his pent up rage and anger.  
Nasujima is cornered by Haruna as she tries to kill him. Instead, Anri shows up as Haruna suspects she used her whorish skills to escape. Haruna attacks Anri but her blade is blocked by something. Anri reveals that she is the true owner of the blade Saika and is able to control its loving power, something Haruna can not do. Anri proves herself to be a skilled sword master as she explains that she will show Haruna the truth.  
Ending Theme 
On/Off by Butterfly

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Akira Takata Senior Producer
Takahiro Omori Director
Takahiro Kishida Character Artist/Designer Animator who has done work on various animes throughout the years.
Ryohgo Narita Original Concept Creator of Baccano! and Durarara!!
Akira Ito Art Director
Makoto Yoshimori Music


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