Fairy Tail #3 - Musical Murders

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 03/16/2007

Plot Summary

The Strongest Team of Fairy Tail meets a deadly match and falls into the trap of a Dark Shadow Guild. An evil band of outcasts that are hell bent on killing the worst possible target with the magical Mass Murder Curse known as Lullaby.

The evil members of the Dark Guild Eisenwald have found a cursed flute that can murder anyone who hears its music–and now they’ve taken over a midtown train station with a very loud public address system. Only Natsu and his crazy friends (including a flying cat) can stop them!


Japanese Release Date: March 16, 2007

American Release Date: June 24, 2008

A Note from the Author

Hiro Mashima talks about the love he has for playing his guitar. No matter how poorly he does it.

Honorifics Explained

A list and general description of many of the most common Honorifics in the Japanese language.

Chapter 14: Titania

Nastu and Gray race after Erigor and Lucy stands with Erza against the rest of the Dark Guild. No matter the power behind the these evil mages. They face Titania Erza of the magical armor.

Chapter 15: Fairies in the Wind

Gray matches ice against shadow in a fight with Rayule, and Erza discovers the real plot behind Erigor scheme for Lullaby.

Chapter 16: Capture Kageyama!!

Natsu has a rematch as Fairy Tail tries to discover a way out of the trap they find themselves in.

Chapter 17: The Virgin Magic

The key to the wind trap holding back the Fairy Tail team is the Key of Virgo. With Natsu free, he races to stop Erigor before he can succeed.

Chapter 18: Fire and Wind

Natsu may of met his match in the wind magic of Erigor as these two fight over the Lullaby Mass Murder Curse.

Chapter 19: Natsu Can't Win!

Natsu fights against a Dark Guild mage that can cancel out his fire, but Natsu isn't just any fire mage. He's a Dragon Slayer!

Chapter 20: To Live Strong

Though Natsu won, Kage stole the Lullaby and races to the Guild Master meeting to play them one last song.

Chapter 21: The Most Powerful Team!!!

The magical curse of Lullaby may be alive and taken form, but this wicked cursed monster faces the most destructive team of Fairy Tail.

Chapter 22: Natsu vs. Erza

The mission is over and the challenge is ready. Natsu's condition is met in one more battle of his fire versus the magical armor of Erza. Neither are aiming to hold back on this fight. Providing nothing interferes.


Sketch Work-

One page of sketches of the early design work for the Fairy Tail Guild Bar.

I Answer Your Questions

Hiro Mashima answers the questions of fans on this page.

Bonus Manga: Happy's Little Job

Lucy and Natsu help Happy on a job to find a Laughing Mushroom.


Hiro Mashima talks about the requests he's gotten for a Fan Art section in his manga. He invites fans to make him some drawings and provides an address as to where to send them.

The address provided on the page is for Del Rey Manga. An email address is included.

About the Creator

A brief description of series creator Hiro Mashima.

Translation Notes

If there is something that requires alterations or a Japanese phrase/joke needs explaining. The translators explains things here.


  • General Note: Wizard
  • Names
  • Requip
  • Titania
  • WakuWaku Land
  • Orochi
  • Meow and not be heard
  • Dominatrix
  • Storm Bringer
  • Erma Baram
  • Flaming brat
  • Finger on the cheek

Preview of Fairy Tail Vol. 4

Three pages of Fairy Tail Volume 4 in it's original Japanese form.


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