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Mushi is a anime/manga concept
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Ash's Butterfree

Ash's first captured Pokémon, caught as a Caterpie, it quickly evolved into Metapod and the Butterfree in only a handful of episodes.

Ash's Leavanny

The sixth Pokemon Ash captured while in the Unova Region. While in a Gym Match against the third Gym Leader Burgh, Sewaddle evolved into Swadloon.

Cilan's Crustle

The second Pokemon belonging to Dento. Ishizumai decided to go with Dento after he and his friends helped it reclaim it's shell from another Ishizumai.

Fantastic Butterfly

A member of Panther Claw that appeared in Episode 10 of Cutie Honey Flash.


Ginko is the main character of the series Mushi-shi. He is laid back and frequently smokes. He has a wide knowledge of mushi and helps people during his travels.

Insectoid Being

One of the 3 Awakened Being scouts sent by Isley alongside the Humanoid and Armadillo beings. In his human form he appears to be blind.


A massive insectoid digimon.

Mistress Centipede

The Demon Responsible for bringing Kagome to the Feudal Era. She was originally killed decades ago and was placed in the Bone Eaters Well. Mistress Centipede was brought back to life sensing the Shikon Jewel in Kagome and pulled her into the well.


One of the Godzilla Series's most popular monsters first appearing in 1961 film Mothra.

Renzu Ioroi

Renzu Ioroi is the grandmother of Shinra Ioroi and his guardian.


A Perfect (Ultimate) Level Digimon in the form of a scorpion.

Shinra Ioroi

Shinra Ioroi is a child who has the power to make drawings come to life.


A mantis Digimon.


A Champion (Adult) Level insect Digimon.


The digimon partner of Koushiro Izumi.


The Digimon Partner of Ken Ichijouji.

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