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What horrors lurk within this scroll? * THUNDERCRASH * DUH DUH DUH!!!
What horrors lurk within this scroll? * THUNDERCRASH * DUH DUH DUH!!!

Uh-oh. Ginko’s got a girrrrrrrrrrlfriend.

Well, in all likelihood, the relationship won't extend beyond this episode. I feel like a guy promising to take a girl around the world with him when they’re both old is tantamount to him saying they’ll do it when pigs fly. Or when the Angels win the pennant (name what that’s referring to and you get +500XP.) Actually, wasn’t there some episode a while back with some mild sexual tension between him and somebody’s older sister or single mom? I feel like there was, but I can’t recall any other specifics except that it happened at some cabin in the winter.

If you were going to play matchmaker, I reckon a guy with a mushi curse would only be compatible with a girl with her own mushi curse. And nerdy occultist knowledge to match his, to boot! It's like a date put together on Geek2Geek. I liked seeing Ginko with this kind of foil to play off him and I’d wish to see more of her but I think I’ve learned “to wish in one hand and spit in the other” (as the saying goes) when it comes to what I want to see in this show.

This is a great episode to follow up the last one, though. Maybe we’ve got the making of roll here (that doesn’t just involve spinning arcane scrolls together.) I think we’ve seen enough one-off episodes with somebody’s life getting ruined by a combination of the mushi and their own insecurities, so it was a pleasant alternative to see one where somebody’s actually living in some kind of harmony with these critters. Maybe there’s something to be said about how the gal's invested her time into actually understanding the things, so she lacks the ignorance that breeds fear and anger and all the self-destructive emotions that follow from that.

Half the time I write these, I feel like I’m inferring a lot more subtext and symbolism into the plots than anybody involved probably intended. They’d probably read this and say, “Dude, it’s just about a girl who writes with book worms. Relax.”

Watch these episodes "A Sea of Writings" below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Angels in the Outfield. It would nice if that stupendous if that happened!

Maybe one day they'll bring back Mushi-Shi and Ginko can have an actual relationship- get married- have responsibilities- not be 16 - etc. - That would make me quite happy really.

Think the Partridge Family mixed with Scooby Doo- and then cook it in the soup of goodness that is Mushi-Shi.

It would be a very different flavor- but I'd love that to be the case.

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Angels in the Outfield, I'm not too young to forget about that movie.

It seems like you're understanding whats the shows getting at with the way it is structured and paced.

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Oh, I thought it was the actual baseball team in L.A. I fail, I guess. I don't think I remember this episode. I don't normally like things that are episodic, and the only exceptions are Mushishi and Kino's Journey, as well as Galaxy Express 999. But I do think you might feel a bit dissatisfied after you're finished with the show. I loved it and I still felt dissatisfied.

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@thekokapelli: I thought the ending of Mushishi was fine, since there wasn't really a plot line that carried over between any two episodes (except maybe the question of whether Ginko could stop attracting Mushi and live in one place).

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No, you're right, there wasn't, and it can't really be considered a real problem since the show never tried to pretend it had a plot in the first place. You knew going into it that it was episodic. I can't really hate it because the stories themselves are so wonderful. I just know I personally probably would have found it more rewarding if there had been some sort of overarching plot involving the Mushi and developing Ginko more as a character, because he's a very interesting protagonist. I don't think there was anything wrong with the ending, I just got this vague feeling of wanting more, same as when I finished Kino's Journey. I still think Tom might be dissatisfied too, though.

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An interesting point in the episode is that he attracts Mushi... so maybe Ginko caused the eggs to hatch, and thus the crisis in the episode. After all what are the chances of it happening the moment he gets there, when you have all these other people going there also; and it seemed to have been a significant amount of time since he was there last, as she was surprised he was still alive.

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It's been a few years since I've seen this show, but I still remember this episode well. I really liked the series and this was probably my favorite episode of the bunch. It was positively chilling.

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