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The story features ubiquitous creatures called Mushi that often display supernatural powers. Mushi are described as beings in touch with the essence of life, far more basic and pure than normal living things. Ginko, an expert on these beings, travels and helps those who have been effected by them.


Mushi-shi follows the travels of a wandering medicine man named Ginko as he deals with various cases in relation to paranormal beings called "mushi" effecting the lives of human through coincidence or due to human negligence to their existence. Each episode focuses on a different case, some with happy endings and others not. Over the course of the series, Ginko remains a steady, unchanging presence whose background is seldom alluded to; the true protagonists of each story change from episode to episode, ranging from a girl locked away in a storage room to ease the pain that light brings to her eyes, to an old family man afflicted by strange, prophetic dreams. The series has no pinnacle plot points, aside from some the more dangerous, life-threatening moments for Ginko as well as the occasional glimpse into his own past. The role of Ginko as the unbiased spectator is further impressed using his character design; among a cast all clad in traditional Japanese kimono, he alone wears Western clothing.

While the anime finishes with episode 26, "The Sound of Footsteps on the Grass", the now-completed original manga continues with 24 more one-shot stories just like those seen in the anime.

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General Information Edit
Name Mushi-Shi
Name: 蟲師
Romaji: Mushishi
Publisher FUNimation
Start Year 2005
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Aliases Mushishi
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