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Murder is a anime/manga concept
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Dr Wheelo

Mad Scientist of Dragon Ball Z.

Dr. Gero

Dr. Gero used his knowledge and expertise to create androids to destroy Goku. All the while he himself became an immortal cyborg and nothing more then a brain in a jar attached to one of his machines.

Dr. Myu

A scientist who desires nothing more than total control of the galaxy. He was programmed by Baby in order to recreate himself as the ultimate machine mutant.


A tuffle scinetist turned into a ghost warrior by the computer and later on fighter Hatchyack to get revenge on the surviving saiyans


One of Piccolo Daimao's offspring. He was born to fight Tenshinhan. He is a mutant Namekian.


Egoterina is the queen of the Planet of Dimensional Voyage and uses her position to travel across the galaxy bringing terror, death, and destruction to those she comes across.

Eiji Kise

A psychopath with the power to make multiple versions of his limbs appear out of any solid object. In the future he goes by the name of Vigo and fights alongside WISE because he believes that there is art in how they kill humans.


Supporting character for Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ and Phantom of Inferno

Eis Shenron

He is the three star dragon and his powers are ice he is the dirtiest amoung the shadow dragons as nova is the honorable dragon


Ellis is wanted as a suspect for Dr. Heinz Schneider's murder. In order to seek out the truth of the incident, she heads south and meets Nadie.

Elsa DeSica

Elsa is a cyborg from the Gunslinger Girl series. She works at the Social Welfare Agency as a covert assassin for the Italian government. Unlike the other girls, she doesn't get along with anyone and keeps to herself and her handler.

Emi Mizuchi

One of the three main antagonists of the OVA Sukeban Deka.


A character from the adult doujinshi series, Rougetsu Toshi.

Eva Wilson


Felid Bathory

Felid Bathory is the seventh vampire founders. He is a sadist who enjoy crushing the hopes of humans. He is the one that killed Yuichiro Hyakuya adopted family.


Filano is the assistant of Bren the Black Death in his murder for hire business in Roanapur.

Frank Cotton

Sadistic murderer who escaped from hell. Character from the Hellraiser franchise that appears in the movie, comics, and manga


The intergalactic tyrant who destroyed Planet Vegeta along with almost the entire Saiyan race. Frieza is the most iconic villain of the series.

General Blue

A notorious General in the Red Ribbon Army.

General Grievous

Leader of the Separatist droid army. Grievous has slain countless Jedi. Like another popular Star Wars character before him, Boba Fett, his animated appearance predated his film appearance.

General Rilldo

Created by Dr. Myuu, Rilldo is the military leader of the Machine Mutants and their strongest warrior.


A Decepticon Pretender allied with Blood in the Masterforce series.


Leader of the Ginyu Force.


Guldo is a weak but psychic member of the Ginyu Special Force.

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel are twin orphans from Romanian who were raised by violence to become sadistic killers for hire.

Hao Asakura

He murdered many people like Lyserg's parents in order to become the Shaman King and cleanse the world of everybody except shamans.


Hatchiyack is a tuffle supercomputer who makes ghost warriors and he is turned fighter when he absorbed the pure haterd of Dr.Rachi

Hervé Girardot

The caretaker of his two cousins in the Vavaleo Pharmaceutical. He is the main villain of the Red Garden Quartet's party.


Hirudegarn was the main villain in Movie 13

Hiyamama Takao

The 3rd person in the future diary survival game. He is a serial killer with a [Murder] diary. He was the first to get killed.


Hokuto is a very special and strong Shikabane and she is the leader of the Seven Stars.

Hordy Jones

Hordy Jones is a great white shark fish-man who was once a member of the Fish-Man Island Royal Guard and now the leader of the New Fish-Man Pirates.


A mysterious egg vendor on the Planet That Sings Songs of Yesteryear.


A member of the Iga who uses Butterflies as a main weapon


A twisted vilianess mecha pilot from the Dai Shogun series.

Houzuki Masaomi

A character in Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo.

Iron Maiden Robeast

Seen slaughtering slaves in the arena in order to try to lure out Sven and Romelle, Voltron later fights this Robeast, at which point it's outer shell shatters revealing a deadlier form.

Isshin Sumeragi

Isshin Sumeragi is a sadistic bandit that was hired to find Claire le Britannia in Japan and went on a genocidal rampage. He was the first victim of Renya's cursed arm.


Janemba is a being created by a freak accident


Jeice, aka. Red Magma, is a member of the Ginyu Special Force.

Johan Liebert

The "Monster" of Kinderheim 511 and the antagonist of the series Monster.


The Sickest Of Batman's enemies

Jonathan Mar

Jonathan Mar is a child soldier that joins Koko's crew.

Junko Enoshima

One of the 15 students trapped inside Hope Academy.


The wacko yakuza.

Kalluto Zoldyck

Kalluto is a member of the famous Assassin Family, Zoldyck Family. He join the Spider Gang in order to bring his brother back.


Main protagonist of the manga series "Battle Binder Plus". She is a space cop who fights crime using her robotic suit.


A former minion of Hanzo who overthrew a small village.

Karen Lo

Karen Lo was Chan Guoming's secretary and head of security. She is currently Minami Amada's secretary and bodyguard.

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