Murder at the Ball

Murder at the Ball is an anime episode of Un-Go that was released on 10/14/2011

Rie Kaishou, the daughter of famous detective Rinroku Kaishou, is going to attend a costume ball being thrown by the controversial Kaoru Kanou. Kanou is apparently facing charges of embezzling and laundering money from his company, and the ball is suspected to be a front of some kind, but Rie ends up going with police detective Izumi Koyama. However, Izumi is annoyed to discover that the "Defeated Detective" Shinjurou Yuuki and his odd assistant Inga happen to have invitations to the same party, but she tries to maintain a professional attitude. Rumors are swirling that Kaoru might be assassinated tonight, and several Special Police (SP) are there to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Midway through the ball, Kaoru is stabbed from behind before he can deliver a speech, and the culprit is someone in the ballroom, but there are too many people with the motive to want Kaoru dead. Rie believes that the culprits are the men dressed in similar Napoleon costumes, but her father hijacks a screen to tell everyone that the killer is someone else.

After searching around the area for clues, Shinjurou discovers the dead body of a female SP agent, shot with her own gun and her jacket lying crumpled on the floor. Kanou's wife thinks that the murder was a plot by the SP. The cast soon migrates to the bedroom, where Inga has transformed into a full-bodied adult woman with a panda-like face, and she compels the wife to say truthfully what she thought Kaoru to be.

She responds that she considered him "a hero." Kaoru served in the military, fighting against terrorists who launched multiple attacks against Japan, and then became a businessman when the fighting was over. However, while he led the business, he slowly became corrupted by the money and power, and started skimming profits from the company to donate to his own causes. She was afraid that Kaoru would admit his own guilt, so the wife killed the SP with her own gun, took her jacket, stabbed him before he went on stage, and then tossed the jacket next to the SP's body before the lights came back on.

Despite finding the truth about it, Rinroku tells Shinjurou that the official story will read about a rogue SP who murdered Kaoru in rage, then shot herself, to preserve the legend about Kaoru as a hero.

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Seiji Mizushima Director
Yun Kouga Character Artist/Designer A popular shoujo/boys love artist.
Sho Aikawa Writer Sho Aikawa is a Japanese anime writer.
Takeshi Waki Art Director


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