Junichiro Koizumi, Dubya, Putin go Anime

Topic started by gia on Aug. 6, 2009. Last post by Elfie 5 years, 7 months ago.
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Not by choice, however!

The manga Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku, a seinen comedy by Hideki Owada, is reportedly getting made into an anime. It's a mah-jongg manga, but this is no Saki or even a Kaiji-- in it, former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi takes on other world leaders like our own Dubya, Kim Jong Il, Vladimir Putin, and more.

The news comes, as is so often the case, from an obi banner on the latest release of the manga (volume two). That, of course, means that there are no dates, directors, studios, or anything along those lines attached...but it sounds like one of those shows that could totally fail, or could be really amazingly awesome.

So what famous figures would you want to see playing mah-jongg? I'd kind of like to see Miley Cyrus playing in the background sometime. Maybe Spongebob. And Kamina.
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Does this mean we'll get shirtless images of Putin as has been hitting the press the last few days? I still can't believe last night's Nightline was setting up Obama's forthcoming trip to Martha's Vineyard as a possible 'show off the body' contest with Putin. *head desks* 
I wonder if there will be any "Bush or Chimp" references... that could be fun. :)
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