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The Gouf was designed as the successor to the Zaku II, yet it saw considerably less action during the One Year War.

The Gouf was the successor to the MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type mobile suit. The Zeonic Company engineers worked hard to produce their superior ground-combat-use mobile suit to replace the older J-Type Zaku II.

The Prototype Gouf was just a redesigned and improved upon Zaku II, lighter due to more efficient use of equipment and space, and more maneuverable than the typical F-Type Zaku II. The Prototype Gouf was also supposed to be built with a 5-barreled 75 mm machine gun hand and tentacle-like heat rod built into the forearm. However, these weapons were not ready until the second prototype, the YMS-07B Prototype Gouf, was finished. The B-Type Prototype Gouf also featured extra thrusters built into the legs to provide powerful, jet assisted jumps and improved maneuverability. The YMS-07B was nearly identical to the mass production version of the Gouf known as the MS-07B Gouf
The pictures above are the Gouf Custom.The MS-07B-3 was a further development of the MS-07B Gouf. The Gouf Custom was designed primarily for ace pilots preferring a lighter mobile suit to the heavy, yet effective MS-09 Dom. The Gouf Custom featured multiple changes to the MS-07B, including the elimination of the awkward five finger 75 mm Vulcan guns, replacing it with a normal manipulator and a wrist mounted 3-barrel 35 mm Machinegun. The coil-like heat rod is replaced with a magnetic grappler wire that connects and disables an enemy with an electric charge rather than damaging him or her. The shield is also capable of carrying a 90 mm Vulcan gun, extremely enhancing the mobile suit's fire power. The armor and capabilities are only changed slightly from the "B" model Gouf but some units had Luna Titanium armor in place of the standard steel material.         

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Thing Name MS-07 Gouf
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1st anime episode: Mobile Suit Gundam #12
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