Read or Die #1 - Mr. Woo's Woes

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on

Plot Summary

Yomiko Readman is called in to use her special talents to recover a rare book that was stolen from the library 20 years ago. Her commander, a mysterious gentleman simply known as "Joker", has set up a seal to buy the book from the very man who stole it; the slippery Mr. Woo. When accused of the crime, Woo retaliates by attacking Joker but finds himself foiled by the paper-wielding Yomiko. But he's a slippery fella and has a trick or two of his own up his sleeve. Will it be enough to defeat the likes of the determined Ms. Readman?

Table Of Contents

Episode: One

Episode: Two

Episode: Three

Episode: Four

Episode: Five

Episode: Six

Episode: Seven

Episode: Eight



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Hideyuki Kurata writer,


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