Movie Circle "Misogi"

Movie Circle "Misogi" is an anime episode of The Tatami Galaxy that was released on 04/29/2010

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Plot Summary

The episode starts with a college student known simply as Watashi and his partner Ozu, spying on their classmate Masaki Jougasaki. They wait for him to leave, before they break into his house to find incriminating evidence. While searching through his tidy house, Ozu shows Watashi something horrifying sitting by Jougasaki's bed.

Jougasaki as the king of the movie circle
Jougasaki as the king of the movie circle

Watashi is then back at the start of his college career, and is choosing a circle to join to try and achieve his goal of a "rose coloured campus life," and to find his "raven haired maiden." Watashi joins the movie circle, which is run by an eighth-year student, Jougasaki. Watashi quickly realizes that his goal is unrealistic, and is quickly shunned by all of the movie circle, with the exception of the impish man Ozu. Watashi describes this as his first, and worst contact with Ozu.

Watashi and Ozu then start to produce personal films, that Jougasaki does not approve of. Jougasaki believes that a films job is to entertain the audience, and nothing more. After showing several of their films, Jougasaki kicks them out of the movie circle, and prevents them from using the studio on campus.

Watashi and Ozu now kicked out of the movie circle, are drinking at a local restaurant. While complaining about Jougasaki, Ozu reveals Jougasaki's note that has a grade of all of the female students' breast at their campus. During a casting call, Jougasaki was rating and ranking the breast of all of the woman who tried for the part in his film. This angers Watashi more, and motivates him to make a propaganda film directed towards Jougasaki, in hopes of exposing his infatuation of breast. Watashi gets the help of Ozu and his " master." During this time, Jougasaki announces his magnum opus, Alexander the Great.

After several months of work, Watashi is not too sure if he still wants to make this film, and decides to take a walk. During this walk he encounters an old fortune teller. The old woman tells him that "opportunity is always dangling in front of his eyes," and that is he does not realize this he is doomed to "walk the same path forever unchanging." Watashi then finds an intoxicated Jougasaki, whom is being treated like a king. Jougasaki confronts Watashi and insults his films, which causes Watashi to enter a fit of rage and motivates him to finish the film.

At the premiere of Alexander the Great, Watashi switches the film reel for his very own. After doing this he sees Akashi, whom worked on the special effects of the film. This leads to a flashback of his time working with Akashi. Akashi was the only one immune to Jougasaki's charm. Watashi then spends some alone time with Akashi, who reveals that she truly does enjoy his and Ozu's films.

The memories of Akashi lead to Watashi wanting to call it off, but Ozu won't let him do it. As the film carries on, the reel switches to the film Watashi made, and exposes Jougasaki for what he is. The film exposes his OCD tendencies, and his childlike attitude. It also reveals his breast fetish, and the note he wrote about his classmates breast. The campus is also shown Jougasaki's sex doll Kaori, which terrifies the students. Angered, Jougasaki and his crew demand blood, but Watashi is all ready on the run.

Jougasaki climbing his wall of breast
Jougasaki climbing his wall of breast

While getting ready to pack Watashi runs into Akashi, whom is disappointing in Watashi's actions. She says he has ruined his integrity, but still buys time for Watashi to escape. Watashi eventually escapes and is then alone in his room, where he thinks back on his time with Akashi. He thinks of a date they went on where he promised to find one of her missing Mochiguman, even though she would rather see his finished romance film. Reminiscing on these events causes Watashi to see Akashi's Mochiguman dangling off of his light. He then decides to watch the unfinished romance film he promised Akashi. While watching the film, with frustration, he wonders if his life would have been different if he chose another path in life, which then causes time to rewind.

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Masaaki Yuasa Director
Shingo Yamashita Key Animator Key Animator on Birdy the Mighty, Baccano, Soul Eater, and The Tatami Galaxy.


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