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Motoko Aoyama is a anime/manga character in the Love Hina franchise
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A Bokken is a wooden sword that is used for training. It is normally the same size and shape of a katana.

Hinata-sou Tenant Book

A book with a profile of all the Hinata-sou residents.


A Katana is a kind of Japanese style of sword with a curved single-edged blade. Best known for speed, light weight, and cutting ability. Highly popular in many styles of manga and anime.

Mecha Tama-Chan

Kaolla Su invented many of these throughout the Love Hina series. They are mechanical versions of a hot springs turtle and have many special features.


Swimwear is clothing designed for participating in different manners of water based events and/or to be worn as light clothing in hot conditions, such as those at a beach.

Sword and Flower

Motoko Aoyama and Shinobu Maehara's idol group, with Kentaro Sakata as manager.

The Hina Blade

A sword with an evil spirit inside.

Tokyo Universtiy Study Guide

A book that allows you to prepare for the entrance exam to Tokyo University.


A Shirasaya is a type of feature less katana mounted in a plain wooden scabbard.

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