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News Weekly Naruto: Chapter 498 June 12, 2010
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Hello everyone, I'm Taka, your wiki addict and pretty much the weirdest person you meet in the community. After posting the Community Spotlight 5/9/2014: Happy Mother's Day!, many of you guys wanted me to do a MILF list instead of a robot list. I give in. If I'm going to do a MILF list, I have to do a PILF list because my Fetish Friday blogs are picked to appeal to both genders, guys and gals. For this blog, I have to separate it for the first time.

This is the most embarrassing blog I had to write in Anime Vice.

Past Fetish Fridays

Since I'm running out of time, I need to finish some wiki pages. I'm going to do this blog fast.

Reasons Why Folks Love MILFs

  • Going back on the Mature Men and Women Fetish blog, guys love mature women. They're well endowed, experienced, and playful. I was reading some articles on why folks love female bosses is because it's sexually attractive when a woman plays with her power of authority.
  • In Hentai, it's a popular sub-trope of big boob fetish because I haven't seen any pettanko characters as MILFs. There is also the sexually frustrated housewife trope that also plays in with the MILF fetish.


The only person that I asked was a great, funny guy I met on Twitter, SeishunRC, a writer at RandomCuriosity. On the weekend of Mother's Day, I saw his Tweets, so I went over to ask him why he loved Touwa Meme and why is she his best MILF.

I thank SeishunRC for his answers. I haven't watched Denpa yet, but she's one of the best representation of anime MILFs along with 3 other fetishes: tsundere, business woman, and mature woman.

Hot Mother List

I whipped up a quick list of mothers. I only included women who are alive for good reason. Who are your favorite anime MILFs?

Thank you everyone for reading.

Meme Tōwa
She's the owner of sweets store and mother of Erio. A young playful woman who likes to tease Makoto, her daughter's love interest.
Delia Ketchum

Ash's mother is the one who started the trend of young, lonely mothers in the Pokemon franchise.

Holy Kujo
Jotaro's mother who dotes on Jotaro despite how cold Jotaro treats her. Most mother would slap her son for calling her the B word, but Holy doesn't mind.
Tsurara Shirayuki

She's the ice queen and Mizore's mom in Rosario Vampire. I didn't include Ageha because I like Tsurara and Mizore a lot.

Akane Fujisaki
It's a spoiler for this character. I can't go into relationships, but she's a hard working mother who raises two kids all by herself.
Fumio Usui
Kenta's mother whose youthful appearance often confuses folks. She tends to get into trouble when guys try to hit on her because she's irresistible, and that beauty mark of her is a beacon!
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Welcome everyone to the Community Spotlight! My partner, FoxxFireArt, is on his break due to Golden Week. I realized this weekend is Mother's Day. I thought it would be great to combine both wonderful things for our community along with the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure craze. This blog is to help promote the community spotlights that Foxx had worked hard on. Check out the last week spotlight!

I hope everyone has a happy Mother's Day this Sunday. Let her know how much you love her. Don't be like Jotaro Kujo! A real man respects his mother.

Note: This isn't a complete exhaustive list of all things happened this week. I'm giving you a glimpse of what's going on across the communities in Anime Vice. The site is glitching badly, so I can't add as much images right now. It takes 2 hours to upload 20 images or so for wiki editing. This blog took an hour or so to complete.

Wiki Spotlight

Awesome job to Demonic13 and Taichokage for doing a great job! The site has been glitching hard, so wiki pages are hard to write up. The Jojo gang, Toxin45, ForgottenOne, RubberLuffy, and I, are working hard on the series. Off-site, Dekken is working hard in his little Wikia called Anime Boobs.

Best Wiki Pages

Hot Stuff in the Forums

In the Ecchi Club, Daniel started a new contest. Sonata, Dekken, and I started posting images with the best booty of anime.

New challenge for the Ecchi Club! Who has the most bangin' booty? Have your say in who has the best butt in anime and manga! Only images from screen caps, scans, or official artwork count!

For this week, our hottest anime discussion threads are Black Bullet, Soul Eater Not!, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

Battle Spotlight

Today, DBZ Universe and I finished our interview because he was May 2014's Best Battle User. Check the thread, Best Battle User of May 2014: DBZ_Universe.

One key movement in the battle forum is that Kurohige starting a theme on in-verse threads with the help of Jinbeifan1. Please help out promote either DBZ Universe's Kekkaishi theme or Kurohige's in-verse battle themes.



There were some trouble in the RPG forum, but things have calm down. Unfortunately, Kuma isn't able to write a weekly RPG news this week due to outside obligations with his job.

Hot RPG Threads

Front News

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Anime Convention Survival Guide
BigHeart711, sickVisionz, and I wrote an article together on how to survive your first Anime Convention!
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How much crazier could this show get?!
Check out Daniel's latest Anime Caption Contest!
Everyone loves a hug! Well, almost everyone.
Here's another One Piece review by Tom Pinchuk:
What's the Appeal of ONE PIECE #643? Special Review. Oh, it's good to visit with you Straw Hats again.
Here's a review by Tom Pinchuk on Hunter x Hunter:
HUNTER X HUNTER Has Totally Lost My Interest, Now Episode #101-110. Runny-nose girl is having a laugh at our expense.
Check out Tom's review on Magica Wars!
Tom does a double review on Haikyu and Baby's Step.
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First of all, Happy Mother's day everyone!

We celebrate Mother's Day to honor the hard work that our mothers done to raise us and take care of the household. They are our role models who we look up to for guidance and in our time of need.

My Favorites

Bulma Briefs
Bulma Briefs
Bulma Briefs - (Dragon Ball Z) She is a favorite character of mine in the Dragon Ball franchise. She's a smart woman who married to the Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta. When Future Trunks came to the present, Bulma and he got close despite not being technically related due to different timeline. She aid Trunks and the Z warriors in defeating the Androids and Cell. In Future Trunks's timeline, Bulma risks her life to provides support for her son who also risks his life to save others from the sadistic Androids.
Bulma is my favorite because she is an awesome mother.
Tsurara Shirayuki
Tsurara Shirayuki
Tsurara Shirayuki - I picked her because she's a funny character who pretty much aids her daughter, Mizore Shirayuki, in nabbing Tsukune. Rosario Vampire is a harem anime, and poor Mizore has some tough rivals. Tsurara uses her resources wisely when she invites Tsukune and the school to relax at her Hot Springs resort. (If I remember correctly)
Akane Fujisaki
Akane Fujisaki
Akane Fujisaki - Akane is from the Sket Dance franchise. For her, there will be spoilers for those who did not watch Sket Dance up to episode 46 or so. Her role as a mother is really appreciated at that point in the anime. Sure, she seems like a laidback mother, but she is a hard worker to provide food for Bossun and Rumi who has no father in the household. Yes, she's a single mother.
Spoilers: I white this out. It turns out that Akane is not Bossun's biological mother, and she is Bossun's mother's best friend. Akane adopts Bossun as her son to honor her best friend who died shortly after a car crash. It's not about blood because a mother is a woman who takes care of someone like their offspring.

Have a Happy Mother's Day everyone!

Source of the Banner:

I did not create the banner. Please give credit to the person at this website.

International Dates

Thanks to Supreme Marvel for reminding me that Anime Vice is a diverse community. I'm going in alphabetical order with the 2nd Sunday of May at the bottom. The countries I included below are the ones I seen on the twitter and profile pages of the Anime Vice folks.

  • England - April 3
  • Egypt - March 21
  • Hungary - 1st Sunday of April
  • Indonesia - Dec. 22
  • Thailand - Aug 12

2nd Sunday of May - Austrailia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Pakistan, Philippines, United States

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They heard the fans!

Gohan Gets A New Look in the Next DRAGON BALL Z Movie

Track suits are in next year!

BLEACH Ch. 609 Review

Has Kubo delved into the world of meta-commentary with this end boss?


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