Mother Concepts

Mother is a anime/manga concept
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Absent Parents

With a kid like that, no wonder there aren't any parents around!

Amazingly Embarrassing Parents

Arranged Marriage

A marriage that is arraigned through a meeting and interview process or between families. Many times, the participants may have never even met one another.

Deadbeat Parents

I think I liked it better when you weren't around...


Fatherhood as a concept. A man who has conceived or raised a child.


The mother of one's mother or father.

Legendary Parent

Many times in anime and manga, the protagonist of the series will not know who their parent is, or just think they're a regular person, only to later discover that they were a legendary figure or had incredible powers.


Korean comics are often referred to as "manhwa."


A couple who have made an official vow to stay together.


Someone or something that both has and raises children/offspring.


A state of a female carrying a fertilized egg in her womb until gestation and a child is born. This entire process takes roughly nine months, and is broken into three-month periods known as trimesters.


Japanese word for "Wife"

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