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In the year 2083, the last remnants of the human race on Mars send a military mission to recapture Earth from the Invid, who overran it a generation before. However, all but young fighter pilot Stick Bernard are wiped out. Crash-landing in the Amazon jungle, he resolves to head north and attack the Invid base single-handed, even though this is sure to be a suicide mission. En route, he meets Rei, an inexperienced kid with a natural talent for piloting robots, and the pair hone their skills with the Legioss and Mospeada Ride Armor transforming motorcycles. Slowly, the duo gather other revolutionaries around them in order to fight a guerrilla war against the Invid, though their struggle was curtailed by poor ratings in Japan. A famous SF anime featuring several famous designers, whose plot was supposedly based on writer Tomita's interpretation of the medieval standoff between Christianity and Islam! However, it also bears an uncanny resemblance to his unproduc-ed story outline for Terrahawks (see Thunderbirds 2086). The series was cut together with Macross and Southern Cross to form the basis for the English-language Robotech, long before it was released subtitled in its unadulterated form as part of the Robotech Perfect Collection.

Yellow Dancer (Yellow Belmont), a cross-dressing singer from the series, lived on after its cancellation to record an album, Live from the Pit Inn, and the Love, Live, Alive music video (chiefly comprising recycled footage, as with Macross Flashback 2012).

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General Information Edit
Name Mospeada
Romaji: Kiko Soseiki Mospeada
Publisher ?
Start Year 1983
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Aliases Armored Genesis Mospeada
Genesis Climber Mospeada
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