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HELLO EVERYONE HOW ARE YOU TODAY? Well as the title suggests I'm about to do a batch of content for this wonderful site to enjoy. Yes the return of drunk blog is drawing near! Last time I did this my choice of poison was criticized. To avoid such embarrasement I have decided that I up my drinking game. If you want to know I'm actually hanging out with my parents this weekend and am enjoying a nice batch of drinks with them. Possible awkwardness? Not really my parents are fun and when I told them about what I do on this site they thought it was hilarious. Anyhoodles my dad was given this very unusual tequilla that I thought I'd show you. It's in the shape of a mandelin and is black:

IT'S AS BLACK AS MOLASSES! Also I have some Sierra Nevada to round everything out. Instead of slowly introducing alchohol I'm just going full speed ahead drunk from the get go. As you can probably tell I'm slightly tippsy but not completely wasted. Trust me when I say this shall be remedied. 
The anime I'm going to watch is The High School of the Dead after a series of unfortunate events. If you want a live feed of my thoughts as I do this experiement check out my twitter account which is GiantBombSquad. Anwyays I'm not going to spoil the blogs and post them on the forums. Hopefully I can convince the staff to post my filth as articles and I'll become the Lester Bangs of anime criticism! I doubt that but who knows. Anyways this is me signing off until latter...much latter if I get a hangover. Oh yeah the booze is stating to hit me now.
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Because I would do stuff like this:
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As I write this blog I have gitten druen on Irish and Scotch whiskey. Even though I am drunk I have enough common snense to realise this was a miskate. I should be using spell checkert on Mozilla but I am not.This reminds me of the time when  watched Elfne Leid drunk. Funny Story. Also I watched that depresing anime qwith that ribit girl that made the world go boom drunk wuth the Presiednt (I should captialize President) . I will probably rmember nothinhg of this blog. I post this on anime Vice out of fear that if I posted this on Giant Bomb MB would pin this on the Newset Topic and Genral Discussion thread. Now that I think of this I should do that. I'm really drunk....I now understand MattyFTM's blog and concern.aS i type this I do the giddy drunken giddy laugh. 
  • I really shouldn't be blogging at 2;00 am.
  • If Newten or Firefoxx pin this thread I may kill myslef...for realizies guys.
  • Maybe no one will read this blog. that would be good
  • Hopefully MB or Hamz will Pin my GB version of this thread. O fthe Mods of Anime Vice are reading this Don't embarrses
  • What Am I talking about...I already embarrass me.
  • I'm drunk
  • I laugh as I type the previous statement
  • I was onbe of the top bloggers on anime Vice last Month...Make it happen Community
  • Coonce and ethan...don't read this please.
  • If I comment on this thread I will remember nothings.
  • I have to pee right now...I tried to use water as a cahser..currently pay ing the price
  • I should have used my rommates poweraid as a chaser...
  • No really Anime Vice Mods if you promote this thread I will kill you.
  • Previous statement is not a challenge mods.
  • I alreadyy feel bad.
  • Please don't actually comment on this thread
  • I love my life despite its errors and flaws.
  • I'm totally not going to class.
  • Feeling it...Feeeling the inklings of throwing up
  • The liqour store was closed...WHY!!!
  • I rgret drinking this much
  • I blame my roomates for convincing me to drink as much as I did.
  • II love my life
  • I  am going to attach this blog to appropriate threads
  • I feel like it is sleep time.
  • Roomates warning me this will only embarass forever..they make sense.
  • This blog post. Depilbertae? Yes! Hapinnes is at 100%. No one can beat 100%.
  • Almost 3:00, I need to go to bed.
  • I must remmeber to rporgam my clock to wake me up by 9:00
  • No regrets despite prevous staements
  • Firefixx if you showcase this t=n the Starlet I will kill you. tHAT is a threat duder1
  • Tiredness has gotten the bestt of me.
  • Anime Vice need more attention you guys on thsi site are wonderful. If you want I will post more Japanese based News of the Weird posts.
  • I am 25% Japanese...Still not a fan of Anime.
  • Mods Pkease lock this...technically this is spam, right?
  • Clannad was spoiled ofr me due to making wiki eidts...Whay epople find the ending a coch teas is beyond me. You claerly never paye dthe video game version
  • I don;;t like blood due to me being squeamish...I have list for taht.
Bedtime. I hope you enjoyed this blog God bless you
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Hi there Anime Vice I don't think we were ever properly introduced! I'm ZombiePie a mod over at Giant Bomb that has started to really enjoy posting and checking out this site. Anyways I was hungry today and didn't exactly have a lot of money on hand so I decided to go to Little Caesar's and buy a large pizza all for myself. My roommate has done the same. SO instead of doing just a normal introductory blog for myself I have decided to introduce myself while I'm in the process of attempting to eat and entire large pizza under an hour.  

In the Beginning...

 She's Beautiful...
 She's Beautiful...
SO Aime are you doing? I guess I should explain why I'm doing this. So last week I found out that I am the #23 most followed blog on Anime Vice. This came as a surprise to me as all I have done in terms of blogging on this site has been left wing political blogs (rants) not attached to the forums. These blogs weren't intended for human consumption so I decided that I had to do something more fun and entertaining than pointing out that K-On cosplayers endorsed Meg Whitman. SO when I decided to eat this large pizza I knew that I wanted to blog about it on Giant Bomb and then half way into it I decide why not do an Anime Vice version. Don't worry both are different though my pizza experiences are the same. Anyways  on that note I just want to say that the pizza smells great and me being hungry I really want to start eating this thing!!!!

Half Way There...

 Yeah I'm Getting There...
 Yeah I'm Getting There...
This is some god ass pizza. The cheese is good and the pepperoni is nice and burnt on the edges...just how I like it. Anyways I can't really talk about anime on this blog due to the fact that I have not actually watched anything anime related in over two or three months now. I was going to make a thread chronicling Obama anime references after a friend sent me this video. I'll get to that by tomorrow for the laughs. Anyways I'm feeling alright and getting kind of comfy so I'll stop this entry here.

Two Slices Left...

 I Have Officially Hit the Wall...
 I Have Officially Hit the Wall...
Okay I'm starting to feel bad...and by bad I mean I'm starting to feel bloated and full. Probably should stop but the hell with it I have already committed myself to this so why not finish the fight. Anyways one of my friends has gotten me into the band MGMT. I'm really liking the sound of their music and their album Oracular Spectacular is flat out on of the best rock albums I have listened to in a while. Kind of surprised that I like the sound of their psychedelic indie sound seeing how I have always been a fan of alternative rock and post-modern classical music. Consider me interested about other bands that sound like this, but seeing how I never listen to this kind of music I have no idea where to start. Anyways I have to get at least one of these slices down so I'll stop this entry about here.

This Wasn't a Smart Idea...

 I Feel Very Bad Right Now...
 I Feel Very Bad Right Now...
 Oh god...this is terrible. That last slice was impossible to eat. In fact it must have taken me at least ten minutes to eat it. The pizza has solidified and as result has become incredibly difficult to eat. This last slice is going to be the worst thing ever. Also this is starting affect my health. I stood up to get a glass of water and notice that my vision was blurry and had to sit down. I thought that letting the food sit would make things better but they have infact made things worse. My body took a while to realize that I putting junk into it and have been dealing with the consequences. My roommate (who might I add is bigger than me by a large margin) has thrown in the towel at the last slice. I'm watching footabll but my roommate has collapsed on the couch due to calorie shock.

Two Bites Left and I Want to Die...

 Kill Me Now...Please Take My Life....
 Kill Me Now...Please Take My Life....
The cheese is completely solid and the tomato sauce tastes like paste. This was a very ill-conceived idea. In fact I would go so far as to say this is one of the worst ideas I have ever done. Well next to watching all of Elfen Lied with the president of the Anime Club completely shit faced this is one of the worst ideas I have ever come up with...ahh another story for another time my friends...What I'm saying is don't do any of the stuff I talk about. Anyways a friend told me that if you can taste the individual ingredients when you breathe you have gone too far...problem is that I was able to do that three slices back. I'm starting to feel exhausted. I would be surprised that the work my body had to go through to eat this entire pizza infact is counter intuitive to calories I have gained from this pizza.


I feel and look terrible. As I type this spell checker is pointing out that every other word is spelled brain is starting to fail on me. If you are reading this I wish to point out that no one in their right mind should ever actually do this. I have done some weird food eating challenges like eating two Wendy's Baconators and five Arby's Roast Beef sandwiches in under an hour and this is one of the more miserable experiences I have had doing a personal food challenge. I should inform all of the readers that I'm not a big guy (often I call myself a petite male). At around 5'9'' and 120lbs I may as so far say that I'm a small dude. 
Here's the nutritional information for what I have eaten for those that are curious (in total I consumed around 2240 calories):

Menu Item

Wt (g)


From Fat




Chol. (mg)


Carb (g)

Fiber (g)

Sug (g)

Pro (g)

14" Round HOT-N-READY® Pizza (serving size: 1/8 pizza)

Just Cheese
(8 slices)













% Daily Value*
Vitamin A 10%    Vitamin C 6%    Calcium 20%    Iron 10%

(8 slices)













% Daily Value*
Vitamin A 10%    Vitamin C 6%    Calcium 20%    Iron 10%

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Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

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