Dragon Ball #14 - More & More Action

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 08/10/1988

Plot Summary

Goku is the world's only hope--the only being on Earth capable of fighting Piccolo, the Great Demon King! But the city-demolishing battle ends with Piccolo birthing a younger, even tougher version of himself, who will return in three years time to finish the destruction wrought by his father! In search of a way to defeat the new Piccolo, Goku's gaze turns skyward--to the heavenly realm of Kami-sama, creator of the Dragon Balls, deity of the Dragon Ball world. But Piccolo and Kami-sama share a shocking secret...

Cowering before Goku, who had powered up from the Super God Water, Piccolo Daimao takes Tenshinhan hostage and one-sidedly attacks Goku. Goku won the battle by bursting through Daimao's body with his right arm, the only mobile limb he had left.

At Kami-sama's place, Goku wishes for Shenron to be revived, and learns that Piccolo Daimao and Kami used to be one. Three years later, he once again reunites with his friends at the Tenkaichi Budoukai. Calling himself Ma Junior, Piccolo Daimao's offspring appears.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 157 - The Immortal Battle
  • Chapter 158 - Goku's Greatest Crisis
  • Chapter 159 - The Blasted Earth
  • Chapter 160 - Goku's Final Gamble
  • Chapter 161 - The Fist of Son Goku
  • Chapter 162 - The Nyoi-bō's Secret
  • Chapter 163 - The Heaven of Kami-sama
  • Chapter 164 - Enter God
  • Chapter 165 - Shenron Resurrected
  • Chapter 166 - The Reunion
  • Chapter 167 - New Challengers
  • Chapter 168 - The 8 Finalists


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