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Moonlight Mile is an anime series in the Moonlight Mile franchise
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Two words not to use with this series: mature and believable. Reviewed by Dream on Nov. 16, 2013. Dream has written 157 reviews. His/her last review was for Parasyte -the maxim-. 317 out of 332 users recommend his reviews.

Moonlight Mile is focused on two mountain climbers who meet one another during a climb up Mount Everest and make a challenge to one another to see who can make it onto the moon first. The series then focuses on the different journeys both men make to accomplish their goal of trying to land upon the moon first with Gorou being a Japanese engineer and Woodbridge being among the ranks of the American military. The biggest gripe I have with this series as a whole is that I could care less for both Gorou and Woodbridge as characters. Gorou gets quite a bit of focus in this series as he is portrayed as a womanizing and easygoing Neanderthal-appearing man who is quite impulsive in his actions which are usually reckless and don't land him in any sort of trouble. Woodbridge suffers from a flat personality and is just as prone to womanizing as Gorou is.

But main characters I could care less about aren't the only gripes I have with Moonlight Mile. The series attempts to spin a realistic and mature take on the journeys faced by Gorou and Woodbridge in their journeys to venture into space. However, these takes don't spin too well with how this series sets up its story. The "realistic" elements rely fairly heavily on coincidences to advance events and in Gorou's case, his knack for committing reckless acts that don't land him in any sort of trouble despite any collateral damage they would cause, such as his use of a mecha to cause damage to a facility in his chase of a saboteur. The "mature" storytelling is also questionable with the title's habit of featuring a number of sex scenes with Gorou and Woodbridge's habits of hooking up with random women at different points in the series and Gorou's knack of being quite impulsive with his behavior at a number of points in the series whenever he gets focus.

It also seems this series was aiming to have much more to tell with its story with Woodbridge's involvement in the American military with some shady developments taking shape as can be seen from the opening minutes of Moonlight Mile's first episode and the final few episodes of the series. While making for the better developments of the series, these developments and the journey of our two male leads are left unresolved for the anime's second season.

The major highlight for this series would be the visuals. Scenery shots sport vivid color and plenty of detail, as well as excellent integration of CG-rendered objects like mecha and spaceships that fit in almost perfectly with the regular animation. Animation is quite fluid in many instances, especially in flight sequences involving space shuttles and jets. The only sour spot with the visuals were character designs. It looked like the series was attempting to implement a realistic approach to their designs, but it made the facial features of their characters look rather crude in their details and they are occasionally off-model during distant shots.

Overall, Moonlight Mile appeared to be an attempt at creating a seinen title, but the immaturity and lack of believability in its plot and characters made it feel more like a shounen title. While the final episodes seemed to hint at interesting developments to come with its plot, I don't feel invested enough in the characters of Gorou and Woonbridge to even want to attempt watching the second season of Moonlight Mile.

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