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Shavanan, the good king of Paradai, is murdered by the man-monster Great Claw of Satan, an evil figure intent on stealing the fabled treasure hidden somewhere in the small country. He only has one of the three golden keys required to reach the treasure, so he hunts down Shavanan's daughter, Fujiko Kuwata, believing her to have another. However, Fujiko is protected by a group of noble detectives and by the "warrior of love and justice," the mysterious motorcycle-riding superhero Moonlight Mask.

Originating in a 1957 live-action TV series that spun off into four live-action movies, the first two seasons of the anime kept close to the continuity of the TV original, adapting the Claw of Satan and Mammoth Kong story lines, while the final part was the Dragon's Tooth plot. Curiously, the fourth live MM movie, Last of the Devil (1957, Akuma no Saigo), was to feature a plot very similar to that of Patlabor 2, in which an abandoned soldier decides to avenge himself on the country that betrayed him. Fiercely lampooned in Go Nagai's saucy pastiche Kekko Kamen (which featured a Great Toenail of Satan as a school principal), in 1981, MM returned to the live-action theater screens with a new high-kicking female sidekick-martial arts star Etsuko Shiomi. In 2000, it was also remade as a comedy anime designed to hook the original fans and their own very young children. Directed by Toshio Takeuchi and written by Yoshio Urasawa, Look! It's Little Moonlight Mask! featured Naoto, who was a humble schoolboy by day and the nemesis of Satan's Claw in the evenings (before bedtime).

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Name Moonlight Mask
Name: 月光仮面
Romaji: Gekko Kamen
Publisher ?
Start Year 1972
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