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Suzuna-proud, prissy, mercurial, and needy-is the latest in a long line of hereditary temple priestesses, whose assumption of her duties is a matter of considerable importance for her family, coming as it does at the time of the long-awaited Expectant Moon Ceremony. When she finds that the (orgasmic) preparations have raised her previously suppressed lust, her maids Tomomi and Sayaka (who bears an uncanny resemblance to the recently missing young television actress Ruri) engage her in various sex acts, much to her embarrassment (and pleasure).

Suzuna is additionally haunted by a shadowy dream lover, who makes free with her body-and who is realized in the flesh by the arrival of Koichi, a young man, also endowed with great magical power, who must become her husband as part of the Expectant Moon Ceremony.She is greatly disappointed to find out that he is not her longed-for knight in shining armor, but coarse-mannered and very human.Despite this (and her rape at his hands on the night of his arrival), she begins to fall for him, and he for her.

However, this is all orchestrated by Suzuna's "mother," Yuriko (who has her own liaisons with Tomomi, Koichi, and the gardener Gohei), actually the ghost of a former priestess, in a plot to resurrect herself from her watery grave.She has supplanted Suzuna's family and is using Tomomi's power of forgetfulness as well as the mystical aphrodisiac qualities of a camellia tree to control the other characters and to raise the necessary magical energy from them to bring the ceremony to her desired conclusion.The result is an increasing atmosphere of eroticism, where the boundaries of dream and reality become almost indistinguishable to those caught in Yuriko's web.

Unfortunately, the last episode discards various subplots-Koichi's university instructor Chikako, who has been using Koichi as her mystical tool, penetrates the barrier which now surrounds the mansion in order to investigate; Suzuna's mute identical twin Mizuna, hidden in a cave behind a waterfall; Suzuna's childhood cousin and childhood friend Io-in order to concentrate on the erotic final ceremony, losing in the process a great deal of the coherence which makes up much of the serial's appeal.The result, though it could have been more, is still an above average erotic anime, which features particularly good art thanks to the designs from Carnelian, who created the original game for the company Root. NV

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General Information Edit
Name: Moonlight Lady
Release Date: Jan. 1, 2001
Name: 顔のない月
Romaji: Kao no Nai Tsuki
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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Aliases Faceless Moon
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