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Luna Hazuki is a young German girl of Japanese descent, raised as an old-fashioned European lady. She is obsessed with wearing fake cat ears, and although she can be headstrong and selfish she's basically a nice person who just happens to be a vampire-compare to Vampire Princess Miyu and the previous year's Petite Cossette. Photographer Kohei Morioka runs into her when out taking pictures on assignment in an old castle in Germany; it's not a total surprise, as he is descended from a line of psychics and has always had a strange talent for including ghosts and supernatural beings in his shots. Desperate to escape the castle, Luna tries to make Kohei her servant by sucking his blood and fails, but he has managed to set her free of the barriers keeping her within the castle; so, naturally, she follows him to Japan and moves in with him. Unfortunately his cousin Seiji is a demon hunter, and another vampire is hot in her trail. Of all the things the world needs, another magical girlfriend story isn't top of the list, but this one at least looks cute in a slightly different way. Hazuki's late mother soon arrives in the reincarnated form of a cat, which then transforms into a flying cat-like creature. Based on a manga by Keitaro Arima, who simply adds Gothic Lolita fashions to the usual clich├ęs of a magical girlfriend story-Urusei Yatsura with extra teeth. Part of the relatively recent "Gothic Lolita" subgenre of anime, based on the fashion fad of the same name and also found in Petite Cossette and Moon Phase.

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Name Moon Phase
Romaji: Tsukuyomi Moon Phase
Publisher ?
Start Year 2005
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Aliases Lunar Chant Moon Phase
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