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It's the 1930s, and Montana Jones, bored with life as a pilot for Onboro Sea-Air Freight, sets off in search of fortune and adventure. His cousin Alfred would prefer a family life, complete with quiet contemplation, decent music, and copious amounts of spaghetti. They couldn't be more dissimilar, which is exactly why they have been thrown together by the sacred fates of buddy-movie plotting. Accompanying the Jones boys is their talkative interpreter, Melissa Sohn, an annoying girl who is obsessed with shopping but is endured by the Joneses because she speaks a zillion languages.

The team travels the world in search of treasure on behalf of Baron Gilt, hounded all the way by the evil Lord Zero, who, with the help of the mad scientist Baron Nitro and his idiot assistants, Slim and Slam, aims to steal all the Jones boys' hard-won treasure. Starting in the Mayan jungles, the globe-trotting fortune-seekers head to the Caribbean for a pastiche of 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, tour Prague in search of an antique bell, search for a hidden chamber in the Taj Mahal, hunt yetis in Tibet, and raid tombs in Egypt.

A fast, furious, and funny Italian anthropomorphic coproduction in the spirit of Sherlock Hound but with such a blatant pastiche of the Indiana Jones series that we can only assume the series was unreleasable in the U.S. "Homages" go both ways, however, and Marco Pagot was the inspiration for a character created by his former collaborator Hayao Miyazaki: Porco Rosso. Compare to Disney's similar pulp-serial homage TaleSpin.

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Name Montana Jones
Name: モンタナ・ジョーンズ
Romaji: Montana Jōnzu
Publisher ?
Start Year 1994
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