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A well-told compelling story. Insanity to the Truth! Reviewed by OkazukiIchigo on Jan. 26, 2009. OkazukiIchigo has written 10 reviews. His/her last review was for Lucky Star. 61 out of 71 users recommend his reviews. 8 out of 8 users found this review helpful.

Not much has been noticed that in my experience, as regards of a brilliant psychological and police drama anime experience. One of the known, psychological police-drama-esque is Death Note, where a certain honoured student, one day gets a hold of the Death Note and uses its potential to rid the world of crime and evil. But here comes the unexpected part when touched this Death Note, you become the owner and a Shinigami will become your follower until the owner dies or passes to another person. Another in regards of psychological horror is When They Cry(Higurashi No Goro Ki), a unknown mystery has occured and suddenly rumours has it that people went missing, through unexpected events, the characters soon murders themselves in a Battle Royal-esque for a certain specific reason.

Not that these two anime series are bad, they don't contrieve on the perceptive on realism and script plot points somewhat favours more the main protagonists. There are in regards some realism aspects in anime but the supernatural/ridculous part is yet overexggerated and it makes it not feeling the sense of the depth of a interesting anime. It's not a case of favours, when it comes to this type of anime but other's perceptive on having protagnist and the story to be nonsensical and non-creative in regards to having it more in the anime-esque field of weirdness that I'm tired of today.

Many of promises wanting is to make a more intriuging, psychological horror that covers aspects of indepth realism which I never experienced perception through anime. Many of the promises were to make an anime that not only revolves psychological horror but in regards of a Invasion of the Body Snatchers-esque anime where no one can be trusted and the upbringing part to insanity that caused all this. Naoki Urasawa, a known publisher that created such hits as 20 Century Boys and Master Keaton, is known for this type of supernatural/horror that creates a rich experience and has that sense at least in my perceptive, the Invasion of the Body Snatchers-esque type anime.

When both, When They Cry and Death Note fuses together it becomes Monster, an anime series that feels a bringing point of insanity in regards that no one can be trusted that all started on saving a certain person. Monster contrieves elements of Japanese horror but yet the good thing is that they don't show too much of it which makes it better. Much of the drama/psychological aspects through the course of the anime is the main protagonist's aftermath, when every suspects this person whom just saved a person's life is after him. The true horror is constrieve through the insanity and the era of which this anime is portrayed. Everyone cannot be trusted through his adventures and it become apparent to him that to prove his innonence through the course of the journey. Making other people to not falling into contradictions and assumptions through the course of trying his best of helping people so that it cannot fall into that category.

It wonders that theme takes place in Germany, in 1995, making it another anime that takes place from Germany(Full Metal Alchemist). Yet this theme is more indepth of realism and references, Germany's history and more thoroughly, the fall of the Berlin Wall, after World War II. It also references, the aftermath of extreme-right that still remains during that period and the relations and conflicts after the break of Germany and through the course of the starting of the Cold War. But they don't reference the Cold War but the conflicts of West/East Germany and the Communist regime that occupied what is known in the West Germany, the Iron Curtain in regards on history. The prejudice that these facism extreme-right organization that still have against Turkish and other ethnicial backgrounds is depicted in this anime which consides the main antagonist in regards of deceiting them upon.

Much of the following impressions that I have at the start of the anime, which I pressume that its willings to be Trama Centre-esque is somewhat yet wrong.

It takes place in 1995, in Düsseldorf, Germany. A neurosugeron named Kenzo Tenma whom is known for his excellent skills in the medical field and a prestigious and rich person. Saving other people's lifes and beneficting them to his fullest potential. In which the hospital he works in: Eisler Memorial Hospital. Having the fame of having the daughter of a prestigious hospital's director, Eva Heinemann, Tenma is enjoying his successful life but yet focusing more into the medical field of saving other people's saves. This success turned around when Dr. Tenma chooses a certain boy that recently arrived instead of the Mayor of this city to save them. Which causes the Director to demote Tenma for his undenying actions to help the boy instead of the mayor. Further actions was caused by a breakup with Eva, after getting demoted by the Director in favour of another. Little does he know, that this certain boy kills the Director and hospital staff and rendered Tenma, a suspicion of these murders.

Further years passed, a thief that committed murders and crimes was injured and Tenma was there to save him. Little does he know, that the certain boy whom have grown is there to kill that thief, making Tenma, a murderer for this atrocity. It comes apparent that Tenma is more involve with this certain growed person to find out who really is he and trying to prove his innonence by clearing his name for all of the consumptious contradictions that the authorities is willing to arrest him for. This certain moment is now making him, like a fugitive on the run from the authorities to find out the mystery behind this certain man that he saved.

During his “outlaw” travels, he met Anna/Nina Fortner a honoured law student at the University of Heidelberg and the twin sister of the certain boy. Which is traumaized by the psychological horrors of her past and struct by amnesia. Tenma tries to help her after she came into contact of his twin brother and the murder of her adopted parents. Through the course of the anime, Tenma discovers the origins of their past, the experience with extreme-rightest groups, while being tailed by a person send by the BKA, Inspector Runge as well as the authorites to arrest Tenma for the “ascused” murders happenings in Dusseholf. The origns of a daycare, known as a experimental facility, 511 Kinderheilm is the main focus through the mysteries of the twins' past and the orphanage that inhabit there.

Much of his travels was introduced by a certain boy, Dieter whom has been living with the Minister and has been tortured by him, trying to make him like Johan, the twins brother. Tenma then saves Dieter life and now he follows him as Dieter now has a friend. Through going other cities and towns, saving and tending to other people's injuries, attempting to clear his name, people yet has the sense of “good” contradictions that felt is needed through this world, just for introducting Johan into this world. For their displacement to Johan, as they feel that genocide and destruction is needed for him to appear and become the master of all of this. The extreme-rightest groups mostly portrayed in that as prejudice as they are. The mysteries were so-what reveiled when Tenma finds General Wolfe, a veteran whom stumbled upon these two twins and raised them in 511 Kinderheilm for experimental purposes and also graphical quotes from Johan, trying to fool Tenma.

Nina Fortner is also on this case on trying to find his twin brother, as she unrambles the mysteries of her amnesia through the course of her horrifying childhood. While both are investigating through the course of going to locations of Frankfurt, Heidelberg. Enter Lotte and Karl, two students from the University of Munich whom is trying to investigate the mysteries of a dead son, but soon unrambled that Karl is this son. And introduced Johan in the picture which he clearly deceive Hans Georg Schuwald, also known as the Bayern Vampire, sights of killing his servants to come closer to him to decieve him easier. While Johan finally appeared, recent suicides of kids were reported through the mysterious teaching of Johan, where they think its a game of survival in which if a kid falls into his death, the other person left standing is the winner.

This mysterious supernatural occurances that was done by the extreme-rightest groups and orpahages can be close reminded to When They Cry, in which everyone going Battle Royal-esque on each other to claim the chosen one to by as regarded by Johan. It reminds that detail of that anime in this anime, in which its setting a more intriuging backdrop to the storyline. It's a far reminder of the insanity that Higurashi No Goro Go Ki has and Monster making that type of concept, more realism in the ways of the themes, portrayed in this. As regards for Death Note, on the other hand, the detective mystery of BKA's Inspector Runge and his accumalted calculations of this investigation as well thouroughtly impervised in the veins of L, Lawliet. Trying to tailed Light as he conducted evidence and support through the group that was assigned to him. Both in regards of storyline may persist in this one, greatly handly to the indepth detail.

Tenma soon discovers that Johan, the twins' brother is in Munich, as well as Nina Fortner whom is both allied on this case. Discovering that Johan is trying to destroy and haunt Hans Georg's life by first donating to the library, when his accompany henchman, Roberto whom stumbled across Tenma's journey is trying to assassinate Hans but all it failed and a new impervised plan was to set the library in fire. Tenma proving his innonence helped everyone out the library as well as tends to their wounds, but yet still the authorities pressumed suspicion of Tenma. Through his escape and the doctors he met that tried to clear his name, he met more of the orphans of 511 Kinderheilm whom unreviled the true horrors of the experimental facility and how their emotions were affected through the horrifying phrase in their perceptive. It all ends when Tenma ended in Frankfurt, trying to tailed a man with glasses whom was there the mother gave birth to these twins and the experimention of them. While Inspector Runge investigating on this “Johan” as well tailing him, discovered more about these sight occurances.

Nina soon remembers and yet traumaized by reading a certain picture book that was given to them in their childhood. As this picture book leds to the people behind this madness of the twins as well as the Mansion of Roses in which Johan finally discovers and knows the truth of his horrifying past. Now it was unreviled that Franz Bonaparta was the person, truly behind his and the mystery of their past. As Tenma, Nina as well as Johan finding Franz to remember the history of their childhood. That soon was gone when Tenma was arrested by the authorites and sent back to Germany from the Czechslovian borders. From all the events carried, Tenma soon escaped and continued on his hunt to clear his name but most importantly to find and kill Johan.

Near the end, everyone that is hunting him, Eva and Runge finally realizes that the “excuse” for Tenma's truth is a realization as they both tried to hunt down Johan. Through the unrambling clues that was discovered by Runge in which in regards he stills thinks Tenma is the one who is the murderer, but helps it in which to get closer to him. It's clearly been said, that pre/post contradictions and assumptions are always wrong even through convicted evidence that was left to be false. The same vein as like Death Note, in which the main protagnist thinks the world is fulled with crime and the only answer that justifies is to rid them all. All of these similarites are further obselete through unsupported evidence and these beliefs that made them insane for these contradictions. The main protagonst is not on the hunt for that but to prove his innonence and yet to hunt down Johan to end it, that is only because he is the only reason that started these supernatural occurances. Not to be criticize Death Note more, but the only main favours of Light not being caught is because of the script's bias on other people's perceptive and making Light as intelligent as gifted unlike everyone which seems too much unrealistic to the point of ridculous nonsense.

The more supernatural part of this anime is unexpected that it reveils the theme that there is no Monster but a depiction of it that was pressume by other people's characteristics.

The art presentation of Monster looks appealing as character and design looks more the point of realism figures and not overexggerated infigurements of humanity. Under the direction of MadHouse Studios whom did Trigun, we see that it improved since then. Monster's conceptual design of characters is fanastic as portrayed in realistly in real life. The only common flaw is some recycled design of some conceptual design but yet it doesn't persists in the anime that long which makes it great. The encounters that Tenma seems more appeal to the theme. The environment responds to how Tenma is portrayed through Europe and describes and visualies each encounters' merit of their background. No overexggeration was created through nonsensical things like stereotypes in Germany. What is left is being creative on the visual art design through the course of Tenma's journey. Each place that Tenma went looks beautiful as if I really want to go there, to the fields of Germany to Frankfurt, Munich and Czechslovia it renders the realism as if the creators of this anime went to these specific locations in Germany and remapped it to portrayed in anime. The Chemistry of it looks jaw-dropping through its horror and the drama art presentation is presented through each character portrated and the regime of extreme-rightest encounters. The textures from a 2004 perceptive of art looks great but somehow the flaw is that its less appealing to others since its five years ago and since then anime has been evolved more thoroughtly.

The sound/music performance is top-notch, yet we still haven't heard the dub impressions of it. The acting gaves merit of brillance through its well-told story. Being as a serious-witten drama horror, the seiyuus of this anime series delivered a fanastic performance of indepth detail emotions to each merit's performance. It shows true presentation that the seiyuu even takes the backdrop of the theme and speak the language of the ethnic background there. Which reminds me more of Gankutsuou where the protagonist speaks fluent French in each indepth detail. It surprises me how the dedication they were to put into context of detail in this anime, like for example how Grimmer didn't understand the language how the criminals were saying and trying to speak to them in German. All this may confuse you through, since its Japanese but it becomes apparent through the course of the anime that it seems more realistic than a pure fantasy that these guys created. It astounds me that they are taking an anime seriously as well as the theme and learning the language portrayed it that. The Music direction sets the theme towards the genre as a horror drama that represents in a psychological merit. Through its haunting score during the travels of Tenma to the alert score when Tenms is being chased. It more-so fits in place to the anime, while others criticize as its being boring, they think too childish too these situations. The opening towards this anime is set after the previous chapter was summarized or the claims of the theme towards this specific episode. Opening with chanting and then entering with a Bass drums through its chanting mixed upon it to show much of the insanity but yet more X-files-esque like but even better experience.

Overall, Monster is a yet the best horror drama I ever watched, to its graphical imaginery of the horrors of insanity, a well-told story to its creative use of sound. Since the dub of Hellsing, where it shows creative merit of thoroughly using its voices, Monster clarifies that these sorts of anime exists. To not be as exggerated as others are and tend to be more creative in regards of the performance. The well-told story where Tenma is being chased while uncovering and hunting down Johan is astounding as it represents the insanity that Johan created. It also sets during the era of underground extreme-rightest groups, the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the seperation of Germany in regards of West Germany. These references that was explained that led to 511 Kinderheilm feel real as if its was more of a fantasy but yet its clearly stated that there is no real life depictions of this so-called Monster but portrated in other people's merits. The drama aspects is saddening as how they portrayed it in the anime, its worth depressing that exggerated. To be Honest, I think this is one of the most well-told to awesome anime in this era!

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