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A doctor saves a young boy at the cost of any further career advancement. The boy then goes on to become an incredible mass murderer, leaving the doctor a suspect-- determined to destroy the "monster" before it can kill again.

Kenzo Tenma is a Japanese doctor working in Germany. He's engaged to the daughter of the hospital chief and is on the fast track career-wise. One day the hospital chief makes him work on a famous opera singer instead of the immigrant who came in before him, and the immigrant died, leading his widow to chastise the doctor. So when the hospital chief wants Tenma to perform surgery on a politician instead of the young boy who came in with a gunshot wound before him, Tenma rejects the order and saves the boy. He loses his fiancee and his career advancement, but the hospital chief and other doctors against Tenma are mysteriously murdered. The police suspect Tenma but have no evidence. Nine years later, Tenma takes care of a known criminal who slowly starts to open up to him about a "monster." The criminal is killed shortly thereafter and Tenma witnesses the murder--committed by Johann, the boy he saved nine years before. Once again suspected by the police, Tenma goes on a journey to find the boy and kill him before he can kill any others. On the way, though, he becomes a complete outlaw--and finds his path strewn with dead bodies and other miseries created by Johann. He makes many allies on the way, including Johann's twin sister, Anna.
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Name: Monster
Name: モンスター
Romaji: Monsutā
Aliases: Naoki Urasawa's Monster
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