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Tamagon helps anyone with a problem to solve it by producing a huge egg that contains exactly the right creature to provide whatever assistance is needed, from cleaning out the bathtub to finding missing objects. For the people who need a babysitter, he creates babysitting monster Peekaboo, for the kid who is falling behind at school, he comes up with Nininger the homework monster, and so on. However, as with the magical remedies of Doraemon, comedic complications invariably ensue. Made to fill the same daily slot vacated by Hippo & Thomas, this show generated immense success for its producers, largely because of the theoretically infinite potential for spin-off toys. A tama, of course, is an egg-for more egg-based monsters see Tamagotchi Video Adventures. Compare to the same team's earlier Gazula the Amicable Monster. Note that some Japanese sources claim a much higher episode count of 308, although the Tatsunoko studio's own records only show 193-it is presumed that many of the "phantom" episodes are misfiled repeat broadcasts.

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General Information Edit
Name Monster Tamagon
Romaji: Kaiketsu Tamagon; Eggzilla
Publisher ?
Start Year 1972
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Aliases Tamagon the Monster
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