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Monster Rancher is an anime series
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Big Blue

Pixie's bodyguard and travelling companion. Big Blue is very loyal to Pixie and fought by her side no matter what she believed in.


One of Moo's Big Bad Four. Gali enjoys mocking his opponents and toying with lesser rivals, but if pressed, he can unleash fearsome attacks.

General Durahan

One of Moo's generals who commanded a vast army of his subordinates. Despite appearing loyal to Moo he plans to betray him and take his power for himself.

Genki Sakura

Genki Sakura is a 12-year old elementary school boy and the main character in Monster Rancher.


Golem is a kind-hearted monster who loves nature, however in battle he will fight furiously with powerful techniques. He joins Genki's group on their quest to find the Phoenix and defeat Moo.

Gray Wolf

Tiger's younger brother who was made into a member of Moo's Big Bad Four.


One of the main character in Monster Rancher.


A 14 year old girl who is on a quest to find the location of the ancient Monster called Phoenix. Holly uses a magical pendant to locate new Mystery Disks that contain monsters.


General Durahan's treacherous partner who suggested that he defeat their weakened master and rule over the baddies.


A monster created from the Game Disc Genki brought with him when he was transported to Monster World. Mocchi is Genki's battle partner.


Naga is a humanoid serpent with a stinger in his tail and member of the "Big Bad Four". He was the last of the chief villains that were beaten by Genki and his friends.


Once a member of the Big Bad Four, Pixie changed her ways and helped Genki and his group fight against Moo.


Holly's loyal monster retainer who serves as a joke in many instances and he can be a little obnoxious and loud-mouthed.


Formerly the leader of a pack of rogue mixed-breed tigers who eventually joins up with Genki and his friends in their quest to defeat Moo and find the Phoenix.

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