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An anime based off of the popular Monster Breeding Games, the franchise follows the story of a young Genki as he traves through the world of Monster Rancher Land.

Eleven-year-old Genki is an expert at the video-game Monster Battle. When he wins a video game tournament, he's rewarded with a 200x CD-ROM. But the game transports him from the real world to Monster Rancher Land. There, he meets Holly and her own personal monster, Suezo, and together they team up to fight Moo, accompanied by monsters Mocchi (a large, live personification of the Japanese dessert of the same name), Golem (a giant golem), Tiger of the Wind (a talking horned wolf), and Hamm (called Hare in the American dub, presumably because he is one). The personification of evil, Moo is misbehaving by corrupting all the otherwise good monsters. So Genki and his new friends set off on a quest to find the Phoenix, a mysterious creature with the power to change bad monsters into good ones. A "special episode" MR: Circus Caravan was bundled with a release of the game in Japan. 
The anime has been released on DVD in Japan on three DVD boxes. There is no word of an American release.
Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Hiroyuki Yano
Minoru Maeda

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General Information Edit
Name Monster Rancher
Name: モンスターファーム
Romaji: Monsutā Fāmu
Publisher TMS Entertainment
Start Year 1999
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Aliases Monster Farm
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