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Monster of the Day is a anime/manga concept
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1-Shot Character

A character who only appears in a single Anime episode or Manga issue and is never seen again in the series. (This concept should only be attached to characters from a completed series not a currently ongoing one as they may surface again)


Daemonia are creatures that take advantage of the negative emotions of people and transform them into monsters. They are fighting against magical girls in Day Break Illusion franchise.


The Monsters of the Day used by the Death Busters in Sailor Moon S.

Dark Magical Girl

Dark Magical Girls are female characters that practice the dark form of magical arts.


The philosophical idea of the opposition of good. Some believe it is the opposite of good while others consider it a misguided attempt of good.


Additional content added to an adaptation, usually to avoid catching up to the source material too quickly.

Ghosts (Panty & Stocking)

The forces of evil that Panty & Stocking are constantly facing.


The monsters of Suite Precure that can be transformed from the scattered notes.

Nightmare Team

If the Heroes have a "Dream Team" then this is the equivalent for Villains. The Nightmare Team is the team of villains who are meant to be insanely powerful, are spoken of with great hype and fear, and typically crush the heroes when they make their first appearance.

Panther Claw

A female criminal organization that is ruled by Panther Zora and Sister Jill. The members of the group are either demons or woman turned into monsters or cyborgs by Sister Jill.


Secrets are the creatures connected to the Scrub Coral.

Witches (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

The creatures seen in the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Witches are born from curses and cause humans to commit suicide.

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