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Bem, a gangster with pupil-less eyes, Bero, a young boy, and Bera, a dark, almond-eyed witch, are not humans but creatures from the world of monsters. They wander the Dark Realm as agents of justice, hoping that, by bringing Good into the monster realm, they will eventually be granted the opportunity to become human themselves.

A follow-up to Daiichi's earlier Golden Bat, MMB was one of the first Korean coproductions in anime, and an early example of the horror genre that would come to be so popular in the medium. Bero's constant catchphrase of "I just can't wait to be human" resulted in chuckles from audience members of a certain age at Simba's "I just can't wait to be King" in Disney's The Lion King. Two pilots produced in 1986 for an abortive "second season" which was never broadcast were released on video with the first television show in 2001.In 2006, the story was resurrected as a projected 26-part TV series, animated by Studio Comet.

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General Information Edit
Name Monster Man Bem
Romaji: Yokai Ningen Bem
Publisher ?
Start Year 1968
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Aliases Humanoid Monster Bem
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