Rosario to Vampire II #1 - Monster Fruit

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 06/04/2008

Plot Summary

Can't Monsters and Humans Just Get Along?!

Love's a Monster! Test 1: Magical fruit.

When confronted with a man-eating (and monster-eating) magical fruit...

A. Toot

B. Jam

C. Reap

— Viz Media's Back Blurb

Tsukune begins his second year at Youkai Academy. As he reunites with his friends, he and Moka meet Moka's sister, Kokoa. Kokoa harass Moka in order to meet her true sister, outer Moka.


Viz Media Edition's Release Date: April 6, 2010

Chapter 1: A Brand-New Season - "Atarashii Kisetsu" (あたらしい季節) pg. 7

Chapter 2: Self-Study Class - "Hajimete no Tokubetsu Jisshū" (はじめての特別実習) pg. 56

Chapter 3: Superglue Girl - "Nenchaku-shitsu Shōjo" (粘着質少女) pg. 102

Chapter 4: Pride - "Puraido" (プライド) pg. 144


Rosario+Vampire Season II Meaningless End-of-Volume Theater

How to Spend your Break

  1. Kurumu and Mizore's Break 1
  2. Kurumu and Mizore's Break 2
  3. For the Sake of a Dream
  4. A Heartfelt Letter

Previews of the next volume

A note from the Akihisa Ieda

The author talks about getting adjusted to calling the manga series "Rosa-Vam." Ieda thanks the viewers for reading the manga and says it is fine to start on season 2.


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