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She thought it was just a normal scholarship that the prestiges high school Kohano High School was giving away, but it turns out to be just the opposite of what she thought.

Kureha is a fifteen-year-old transfer student to the prestiges high school that few can get into on scholar ships. She made it in by luck when she saw an add for a free scholarship that covered all school expesneses.

However, when she enters the school its full of cosplay freaks in black uniforms, unlike her own which is white. It turns out that the school hires a "rabbit" every four years to try and survive all four years in school without being eaten. Since all students in the school are adolesent, they have no control over their animalistic hunger and if they catch even a wiff of human anywhere nearby, they'll attack.

She is given a special set of ears and tail that will cover her human scent, but that doesn't mean a rabbit isn't anyless appitzing!

Kureha is left in the care of the top three students, Third Wolf Princess Chyou Chyou, Second Tiger Prince Chigaya, and Fourth Black Panther Prince Ukyou. Although they may be at the top of their class, they still hunger for a human.

Book # Name Rating Release Date
Monokuro Shounen Shoujo
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