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Hello, everyone! And welcome to another blog by DHK. Sorry, I haven't been writing that much blogs, I have been busy with life and also sorry for not doing that contest I said I'll do in the last blog (I still planning to do it, just need the time). Any who, before January ends I'll do my top 5 list of 2013. I decided to go with the best chapters of last year, because last year was the year of the Simulcasting Manga. With that said, here is my rules for my list

There will be spoilers in this list

  1. I only using chapters that came out in 2013
  2. I only using chapters I read in 2013
  3. I only using the official chapters
  4. I only using one chapter per series

I guess, I'll start with one honorable mention. This chapter is awesome, but didn't cut it for the real list

Honorable Mention

One Piece: Chapter 731 - Operation Dressrosa S.O.P.

This was an amazing chapter of One Piece, it have one of the best moments in the series. The reveal of Sabo was nicely done, and both him and Koala being part of the Revolutionary Army and Koala being the first human user of Fishman Karate was just amazing and made sense in story. And we found about Toy Soldier's plan and the person behind turning people into Toys. It was all round a good chapter. But I don't feel it was the best for this year

My Top Five Chapters Of 2013

5. Fairy Tail: Chapter 358 - The Devil Particles

This was an amazing chapter of Fairy Tail, it build up the villain of the arc to be a force to deal and show how dangers they our by taking out Laxus and his Thunder God Tribe and killing one hundred people. That show, the usual Fairy Tail's brute force won't work on these new enemies and they have to be more careful. But with recent FT chapters the villain feel like the same villains from the other arcs, so I hope FT build threat back up

4. World Trigger: Chapter 40 - Yuma Kuga: Part 8

World Trigger didn't start out that good, but it have been growing on me. This chapter show Yuma wasn't like the other Shonen heroes who usually new to everything and pure, Yuma is different because he already a skillful soldier who have seen combat in has day. He pretty much a cold blood killer when he isn't making a duck face. He pretty much destroy Shun Midorikawa for disrespecting his pal Osamu

3. The Seven Deadly Sins: Chapter 22 - A Pursuer to Fear

This chapter was a great battle chapter, it introduce one of my favorite characters of the Deadly Sins, Holy Knight Guila. I really enjoy the art and the action, it show Guila was a force to deal and how far she'll go to inforce her sense of Justice. I also like the fact nobody really explain their powers to the enemy (Bleach), it them feel more smarter in figuring out their enemy powers. Also the cliffhanger with Ban and King was cool

2. One-Punch Man: Bonus Chapter

One-Punch Man is one of my favorite Manga at the moment, I love the story and the art it was an all round good manga. Anyway, this bonus chapter was amazing. It show us the point of view of a police force in a super hero world and how they are being overshadow by the Superheroes. In the mainstream comics, we never really a view of the police and how they feel about the heroes, they usually cart the villain to jail or high five Spider-Man for doing a good job. It was pretty cool seeing the police's point of view in the matter

1. One Piece: Chapter 700 - His Momentum

This is my favorite chapter of 2013, this chapter is the reason why I love One Piece. It pretty much show you how important Don Quixote Doflamingo title as Warlord is, it pretty much throw some countries into chaos. We also get to see the new Warlord the Genius Jester Buggy and it stand up the villains of the arc pretty well. And last but not lease, we found out Doffy have the Flame-Flame Fruit

Well, that my list for 2013. I might have miss some stuff, but I feel pretty good about this list. Tell me what you think about my list and share with me, your favorite chapters of 2013. Next blog (I'm hope) is Viz's Shonen Jump vs Simulpub

Thanks for reading and remember to support the Anime/Manga industry

Sorry if their was any typos.

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Hello everyone, I'm Taka, your neighborhood wiki editor. In this blog, I'll share my experiences getting into One Piece and Toriko from a Fairy Tail fan's perspective and tell you whether you should or should not try these two Shonen series if you're unfamiliar with it.

How I got into One Piece and Toriko?

I got into One Piece back in Summer 2012 while I got into Toriko back in November 2013 because I saw a lot of folks talking about it. In One Piece's case, DestinyHeroKnight and ShadowKnight508 were the ones who pushed me into One Piece. For Toriko, I got interested because of Taichokage, Othus12, SpeedForceSpider, and the rest of the battle gang.

Note: I hit my word limit for the blog''s title.

Should FT fans Get Into One Piece?

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

Monkey D. Luffy refuses to let anyone or anything stand in the way of his quest to become king of all pirates. With a course charted for the treacherous waters of the Grand Line, this is one captain who’ll never drop anchor until he’s claimed the greatest treasure on Earth – the Legendary One Piece!

Yes, most fans will get into One Piece because there is so many similarities. It's a lot easier to transition into One Piece from Fairy Tail because of the similarities. Here is a brief list of what these two franchises share in common.

Luffy's crew and Natsu's Fairy Tail guild gets into trouble with the law. Both sides fight for their Nakama and time skips. The differences are that One Piece is about the exploration and fight towards their dreams. Fairy Tail doesn't really have a goal. It seems like an endless adventure with evil guilds and groups who messes with Fairy Tail guild. For Natsu, he was searching for his father, Igneel, in episode 1. It never pops up again. Both series are warm hearted and funny, but One Piece's fight scenes have some blood, and it isn't afraid of showing people dying, both manga and anime. Fairy Tail's anime is bloodless compared to its manga.

Sometimes, you wonder if Fairy Tail is ripping off One Piece with its scenes and certain characters (Shanks and Gildarts Clive).

I posted this table in DestinyHeroKnight's I prefer One Piece over Fairy Tail a long time ago.

One PieceSimilarities and DifferencesFairy Tail
Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy


  • Both Natsu and Luffy are oblivious to women's feelings for them. (IE: Luffy to Boa Hancock and Natsu to Lucy (who's unsure).
  • Both are big eaters and smile a hell lot.
  • Both won't back down when their friends' lives are at stake.
  • Both have scars. Luffy has one underneath his left eye and a big one on his chest. Natsu has one at his neck.


  • Luffy is a rubber man who can stretch while Natsu's a Dragon Slayer with fire powers.
  • Occupations: Luffy is a pirate, and Natsu is a mage. Same goes for everyone in this list
  • Weaknesses: Luffy can't swim, and sharp objects are bad. In Natsu's case, motion sickness.
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel


  • Both love money and have large breasts.
  • Both lost a loved one. (IE: Nami's adopted mother Bellemere and Lucy's Layla Heartfilia)


  • Background: Lucy comes from a rich family while Nami's family is poor.
  • Nami is a navigator who knows geography and anything in her field well. Lucy is book smart in Celestial Magic.
  • Nami has a tragic past.
Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro


  • Both lost a loved one who is also female. (IE: Zoro's Kuina and Gray's Ur).
  • Both compete with the main character, Zoro w/ Luffy and Gray w/ Natsu. Though, Natsu and Gray' are more rivals than Zoro and Luffy.
  • Both are brawlers.
  • Both attract strange women. For Gray, it's Juvia while for Zoro, it's Perona.


  • Zoro is a swordsman while Gray is an ice mage.
  • Zoro has no sense of direction.
Gray Fullbuster
Gray Fullbuster


  • Chopper and Happy are sort of like the comic relief characters.


  • Chopper is a doctor while Happy has no profession.
  • Happy loves to troll his friends while Chopper is a bit respectful.
  • Chopper has several forms.
  • Only Happy can fly.
Nico Robin
Nico Robin


  • Both have tragic pasts, but they differ. Nico's story is her people being massacred when her home island, Ohara, was eradicated off the map. She was always on the run because folks would betray her and turn in. For Erza, she is a former slave forced to resurrect Zeref at the Tower of Heaven.
  • Both lived on islands.
  • Both are well endowed.


  • Nico has seen her parents, but Erza has never seen hers.
  • Abilities: Nico has the Hana Hana fruit while Erza has the ability to requip different armors. Erza has a uniform fetish.
Erza Scarlet
Erza Scarlet

Quick Breakdown of One Piece

For Fairy Tail fans, you should try One Piece out. I quickly list some pros and cons.


  • Different Style of Humor
  • A wealth of characters that have quirks (such as laughter Saul's Dereshi and that Amazon's Za za za)
  • Origin Stories are pretty deep
  • Characters die permanently or stay dead in One Piece. You will shed a tear or at least sympathize with the characters. Fairy Tail is too soft with its character deaths (with the exception of Simon and the others). I got angry at Fairy Tail for bringing back one character (L****a) and never expand her relationship with one character.
  • One Piece capitalizes on exploration than Fairy Tail.
  • Fight Scenes - One Piece's longer for sure. The quality of the fight between the two series depends on the fan's tastes. If you want serious fights, One Piece and Fairy Tail will disappoint you. There are comedic moments where the good guys and enemies fool around. I notice that fans hate Sting's fight with Erza's Fairy Tail group because it ended without much resistance. One Piece's fights go all out.


  • Story arcs in One Piece are way longer than Fairy Tail's (might be a hit or miss for fans who prefer shorter arcs)
  • Fan Service - Fairy Tail has more T & A than One Piece until the time skip in One Piece. However, Fairy Tail went full on nudity with Lucy and the gang, more hot spring and beach scenes. Fairy Tail is quite liberal with clothing damage than One Piece. Lucy's clothes fall apart faster than Nami during battle.
  • No Lolis and Other Fetishes - I don't think One Piece has girls like Wendy Marvell. Fairy Tail caters to a wide variety of fetishes than One Piece. One Piece (after time skip) emphasizes on boobs. Fairy Tail got boobs, pettanko, maids, waitresses, and megane.
  • Fillers - It's hard to say. Fairy Tail had a huge filler arc at the end before the tournament arc. Fairy Tail doesn't do flashback fillers. I remember in Water Seven, One Piece did a few episodes that recap the Straw Hat crew's struggles.
  • Romance - You definitely have some shipping in both series. For One Piece, it's mostly unrequited love between Boa and Luffy. In Fairy Tail's case, part of the fun is with the cast who can be shipped and teased in many ways. Fairy Tail has more romance in it than One Piece.

Should FT Fans Try Toriko?

Toriko by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

The world is full of deliciously deadly ingredients that the wealthiest appetites in existence can't wait to devour. Toriko, the legendary Gourmet Hunter, is ready and willing to track down the rarest animals on the planet and put them on a plate!

Toriko is a different Shonen beast. Like One Piece, Toriko is about exploration with an emphasis on food. When I first read the premise, I was puzzled on how a show can be all about hunting the best ingredients and filling out one's Full Course Menu. A Full Course Menu is a Gourmet Hunter's dream menu. I admit it was awkward getting into Toriko, but I enjoyed it after reading the first few chapters. For the characters, One Piece and Fairy Tail's characters start off weak. For Toriko, I believe they start off strong. Toriko is well known due to his Four Heavenly King reputation I haven't read past chapter 80 or so, the Century Soup Arc. I might be wrong.

Quick Break on Toriko


  • Fight Scenes are pretty great and brief. Since I haven't got far in Toriko, I can't really confirm if Fairy Tail's fights are longer or shorter than Toriko's. The fights in Toriko are like One Piece. Characters will use their wits and their abilities to beat their enemies rather than powering up like in Natsu Dragneel's case.
  • A compassionate, weak character who is a Dude in Distress - Komatsu was one interesting side character. He remind me of Manta Oyamada (Shaman King) more than Krillin of DBZ. Fairy Tail does have weak characters, but they're not a key supporting character.
  • Toriko isn't sexist - I could be wrong here since Othus12 and the gang told me Tina was a damsel. I haven't watch past episode 10 in the anime. Since Fairy Tail has more girls, Lucy and some of the gals were damsels. Toriko actually had Komatsu do a bit of gender reversal role. Toriko doesn't rely on sex appeal for its audience. It's worth noting it. One Piece's Time Skip went with the fan service route, Nami, Boa, and Nico.
  • Story arcs - Fairy Tail and Toriko's are roughly the same length up to the part where I left off, but I could be wrong here.
  • Toriko has more bromance than Fairy Tail.


  • Fan Service - In this current era of anime, I'm surprised that Toriko has a huge male cast just like Dragon Ball Z. Most anime series you see out there have a cute gal who tags along with the male hero (IE: Ichigo and Rukia, Natsu and Lucy, and most harem series). Though, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball manage to deliver fan service and beautiful women. Being left off at the Century Soup Arc with 80 chapters in, Rin is the only predominant female character. For the anime, they introduce Tina. It depends on your tastes. Most Fairy Tail fans I know love T & A (some don't admit it, but I know they do), so most of them will find Toriko disappointing in this section.
  • Fillers - I leave this blank for Toriko fans.
  • Lack of Romance - I haven't seen much love. Fairy Tail's romantic relationships are fun to watch. Fans would ship characters. When I got into Toriko, the only person shipped was Rin and Toriko. Though, Toriko is like Goku and Luffy. Plus, Rin doesn't have much of a spotlight. It's hard to root for Rin.

I do want to make a table for Toriko and Fairy Tail's characters, but there isn't much similarities and not enough girls on Toriko's side.

Thank everyone for reading this blog. I hope you enjoy Toriko and One Piece. Feel free to drop a comment or a correction (since I wasn't far into Toriko).

TorikoSimilarities and DifferencesFairy Tail


  • Both Natsu and Toriko are oblivious to women's feelings for them. (IE: Toriko to Rin? and Natsu to Lucy (who's unsure).
  • Both are big eaters.
  • Both have a sharp sense of smell.


  • Toriko is human with superhuman qualities (Nail, Fork techniques) while Natsu's a Dragon Slayer with fire powers.
  • Occupations: Toriko is a Gourmet Hunter, and Natsu is a mage.
  • Weaknesses: I'm not sure about Toriko's weakness. Natsu has motion sickness.
  • Toriko is more mature than Natsu.
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel


  • Both appeared often (anime for Tina only)
  • Both are damsels in distress
  • Both have pets. Lucy has Plue while Tina has Kruppoh.


  • Lucy has hots for Natsu, but she won't admit it. Tina and Toriko are friends, nothing more, but that's not what Rin feels about Tina and Toriko.
  • Occupation: Tina is a reporter while Lucy is a mage.
  • Tina is not a fighter.
  • Lucy wears more revealing outfits than Tina. Lucy's bustier than Tina.
Lucy Heartfilia
Lucy Heartfilia


  • Both are side characters
  • Komatsu and Happy can't fend for themselves.
  • Both are Dudes in Distress


  • Komatsu's a chef while Happy is a flying, talking cat.
  • Happy got a girlfriend, Carla, but Carla doesn't reciprocate it back. Komatsu is single.
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On November 21, 2013, the NEW YORK TIMES, one of the best selling newspapers in the U.S., hosted an ad for the blockbuster selling manga series, ONE PIECE. This full page ad can be found on Page A15.

This was apparently partially to celebrate ONE PIECE selling over 300 Million copies of Eiichiro Oda's creation. 130 Million of these having been sold since 2009. In every sense of the word, nothing in manga or comics sells quite like this series.

To give a little perspective. Last year, Shueisha published four collected volumes of ONE PIECE and those sold over 23 Million units. It's closest competitor KUROKO NO BASUKE's five volumes of the same year sold just over 8 Million copies. That doesn't even calculate in back issue sales.

-Kristoffer Remmell ( FoxxFireArt) is a freelance graphic artist, writer, and over all mystery geek.- Follow for news updates: @ FoxxFireArt

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I went looking for this topic on Google because i found myself suddenly and randomly curious about the matter before going to bed yesterday; i was surprised that with every straw hat related topic that compared and contrasted the straw hats with each other, the purpose was to determine who was the strongest, or who would kill who in a battle.

So i thought i would tackle this topic myself. So, first i should first explain what i mean. When i say ‘best’ i am not referring to the strongest straw hat. In a way i am speaking about current stature, which includes how strong they are but in relation to the difficulty it took to get there. Each of the straw hats has a different story to tell about their past and backgrounds and each of them has a purpose he or she serves on the ship, but only because of what they went through in their past and the journeys they took to gain the skills that would make them a worthy crew mate on the thousand sunny.

Maybe there is a different, possibly better way to describe ‘best’ but i cannot think of it right now. Maybe the character as a whole matters, but i keep coming back to what they had to go through to get to where they are and how much they overcame. I will give a BLEACH example. Both Ichigo and Chado can take on an arrancar right now and win. But while Ichigo would win in a heart beat, it is Chado’s win that would be the more impressive victory, because we all know that if Ichigo had met an arrancar during the Soul society arc, he probably would have beaten it.

So the straw hats are Ussop, Nami, Zoro, Chopper, Sanji, Robin,Franky, Brook and Luffy. I will ignore Luffy mostly because it will create complications in comparing him to zoro. This is my ranking:

1. Ussop - I was going to go with Nami but i gave it a little bit more thought and realized that Ussop deserved the title most as best straw hat. We know that when we first saw ussop, he was basically useless. Besides lying and less than impressive shooting abilities, Ussop originally didn’t look like he served much of

a purpose to Luffy besides being funny. But we saw him blossom on the adventures he undertook with Luffy and, starting with basically no usable skill, molded himself into a pirate worthy of the name straw hat. Ussop’s most significant feature is the fact that, especially in early one piece, he would walk into danger, usually after convincing himself to run away but somehow choosing the more honorable route, with no conceivable way of achieving victory, no devil fruit, no special strength or speed or really anything beyond his intelligence. Whether he won isn’t even really the point (he lost quite a lot), beca

use every single drop of blood he shed would give Luffy a little more time to wrap things up on his end without interference. I still remember the Alabasta arc, that moment in the anime when Ussop took a baseball bat to the forehead while moving at incredible speed, and this skull cracked. I was shocked, held my breath for several seconds and waited for him to die. But he stood up again. He had no business rising up. Luffy would have eventually returned to save him, and even the villain he was up against didn’t really affect Luffy’s chances of completing his mission. But he stood up none the less.

You could almost say that Ussop is a mystery, sometimes you don’t really know why he does what he does. I still think he is stupid, but the fact that he would fight Luffy to save the ship, well it irritated me because it was just a ship, but it showed heart in Ussop. At the present he stands proud as a very capable straw hat, and the funniest man in one piece besides buggy. So yes, best straw hat.

2. Zoro - i say zoro here at number 2 because of his strength. I have mentioned this before, that the reason Zoro stands out is the fact that he is so powerful without a devil fruit. He stands up their with the very best of them, be it pirate or marine, with nothing more than his three swords. The fact that Zoro Vs. luffy debates are still raging up to this point is a testament to his skill. His will to stand up in a world full of super human beings and face danger each and every day with little more than his swords and skills is admirable, and while he hasn’t had the hardest rise to the top, he deserves the number two spot as second best straw hat.

3. Number three is a bit tough. I was tempted to go with Nami, considering all she went through with Arlong and the lengths to which she was forced to go to keep her village safe in operating as Arlong’s agent. Sure it was traumatic but i do not know if it really changed her, not in a way that is tangible at the present. More importantly, it was through Luffy’s will and effort that she finally escaped her old life, not her own strength and effort, so i am not sure if i can call it a triumph for her, more like luck that Luffy happened to pass by.

Nico Robin on the other hand thrived in the face of danger. She faced great hardships as a child, traversing great difficulties in confronting the ugly side of humanity. For all intent and purpose she should have crumbled and disappeared into non existence; yet she fought the fate that had been thrown at her, through sheer will she survived in the harsh world, doing whatever she could to keep herself safe until that day that she met Luffy and made the choice to join his crew. It almost feels like she invited her self. As far as great straw hats are concerned she stands far above Nami. She is the kind of character they wouldn’t get anywhere without, especially not in the dangerous and uncharted territories of the new world.

Franky is, well, Franky. There is not much to say about him. Same thing with Brook. So if i was to look at this critically, i would say that the third best straw hat would be Robin. If i was to allow bias to affect me, i would give the position to Chopper because, well, it is chopper. Who doesn’t like the little rain deer thing?

Like i said, i do not want to consider Luffy because that would immediately pit him against Zoro, which never gets anywhere. What i will say though is that if i was to put him in the ranking, what i would say for sure is that i would still stick with Ussop as the best straw hat.

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Here is the thing; one piece has a ridiculous ton of characters and it is a testament of Oda’s skill as a story teller that he some how manages to give each and everyone of them something to do. And as we have seen in so many similarly cast anime and manga series, that isn’t something that everyone can do; most series that i have come across with such large casts have allowed many of their characters but the central cast to lie dormant besides one or two introductory arcs.

The size of one piece’s cast is such that the straw hat pirates are merely one facet of the whole; sure they are the primary protagonists and it is their story we are following, but what i love is that unlike most shows, the world of one piece doesn’t revolve around them. In fact, for a very long time, the straw hats didn’t matter as far as the larger pirate world was concerned and it was nice to know that while they indeed played their part in the overall story, these four or five kids weren’t the one force the world was waiting for to save it or something, as is done by so many series.

While Luffy was passing time fighting Arlong, greater events were occurring on a much larger scale; wars and battles whose outcome would affect the future of the word were happening; even now, with the straw hats finally emerging on the world stage and making waves through out the known world, it is clear that there is still more to the one piece world, specifically the new world than we have seen; more characters still wait to have their moment on stage and arcs that will further catapult the straw hats to greater more important status as far as the future of the world is concerned are yet to happen.

My point is, in the times that the topic of one piece has risen to the fore of my thoughts, maybe during a particularly interesting one piece episode, i have sometimes found myself wondering about the importance of the straw hats, specifically if they are the reason that one piece is, well, one piece. They are the centre of the one piece story but are they really the nucleus, the core, without which the whole collapses?

In other words i am asking, would one piece be as good without the straw hats? Could it survive without the weight of their characters? Are they really the best pawns and pieces on the board that is the one piece world. Could one piece be the amazing story it is without the straw hats.

I personally looked at this question from Oda’s point of view, in that i believe he possesses the creative capabilities to create a one piece story that could thrive without the straw hats. And if that is the case, then what would be the best replacement for the straw hats as a central cast of characters around which the story rotates.

Like i said, one piece is blessed with a cast that isn’t only large but also very interesting and as far as i am concerned, capable of carrying the mantle of central character. So if the straw hats couldn’t be the central characters; maybe they died in the first few arcs, maybe they never existed; what ever the case, what other crew or character would be able to carry the entire one piece story on its back? I mean a cast of characters that you can imagine having watched or read about all these past 600 something chapters, a cast that would provide as much action, deep back story and great plotting to make a series as good if not better than the original straw hat based story.

When i considered this, i came up with three possible replacements for the straw hats:

1. The white beard pirates – who doesn’t like the white beard pirates, though it makes sense to wonder if we should still call them white beard pirates when white beard is dead. None the less they are an interesting and eccentric looking group of people. I say ‘looking’ because we still do not know anything about them,

and all Marine ford revealed to us was their powers. There are still stories to be told about this crew, stories that we will probably never learn because of the sheer of number of the characters in one piece but which i suspect would be intriguing. If the white beards were the main characters of the story, i could see this story occurring from two different angles. First of all, we might follow Edward Newgate’s story; we saw him as a kid, or a young man-i couldn’t tell. We know he grows up to be the world’s strongest man but we do not know how that happens and what adventures lead him to possess the title and status he does now. It would be interesting to watch him follow the ‘luffy' path’ of going on quests and gathering nakama but on a larger scale, since we know the white beard pirates are a larger crew than the straw hats and that doesn’t take into account the alliance he leads.

IN the second scenario, we could start from the marine ford arc and white beard’s death, at which point we would follow Marco’s story and what happens to the crew after the leader falls. Maybe the plot will revolve around the crew retaking the power they lost and re-gathering territories lost after their captain’s death. It would be interesting to see Marco try to control a crew that large and powerful; at least from my point of view i can see enough story to last several hundred chapters.

2. Buggy- i say buggy because i do not remember what his crew is called. And i know having his crew as the primary protagonists would change the show into a more comedic series, but that wouldn’t necessary be the case. We know that one piece is a silly story about silly characters in a silly world, yet it somehow manages to be serious; if he wanted to, i am sure Oda could take buggy and turn his story into something more serious and interesting. I can see potential in him; maybe the story would revolve around his rivalry with shanks, and weak as he is, it would be interesting to watch him lie his way to the top. The straw hats could even feature as his closest rivals that he must beat to stand a chance against shanks. Maybe its because i like baggy but i believe that it would be a good story

3. Coby – Coby is the one character i believe would have a far more interesting story than Luffy, because his character, at least as far as i am concerned, looks like it could be far more interesting than the basic shonen type character that Luffy is. Of course his story would occur from the marine side of things and like Luffy, Coby would have to fight both pirates and crazy marines; like luffy he would be striving to reach the top of the marine world, to become what ever that giant Buddha guy with glasses is, and on the way he would have to contend with both admirals and the four emperors. Now granted this might still happen in one piece but in my scenario it would occur in a more detailed format which is what would make it so interesting. I can see luffy taking a shank’s like role in his life as the person who made him who he is and who coby eventually has to find beat.

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Time skips are a pretty common element in anime, so i am by no means saying that only these series are involved with using them in their plots. These four are simply the most popular series to use time skips so it makes sense that i look at them specifically. The question is which had the better time skip. I might as well say it right now that my answer to the question is Naruto and fairy tail.

The purpose of time skips is to change things up a bit. Maybe a story has reached the end of its road as far as current events are concerned, or maybe all the mystery has been squeezed out and the author feels it necessary to inject fresh life into it; or maybe it is a matter of changing the characters and adding some further development that wouldn’t be possible in the current timeline; either way time skips will bring about the change of that era in anime or manga and start a new one, so it is almost like the anime is starting anew.

In considering which anime executed the time skip best, it is a simple matter of looking at pre-time skip, post time skip and how much impact and influence the time skip had on the overall story line, not far down the line but in the immediate future, usually the first arc after.

Pre-Time skip:> All four had pretty epic finales to the first parts of their stories. Naruto saw Naruto and sasuke finally face off, Sasuke came int

o his own as he mastered sharingan and his cursed seal transformation, naruto finally showed sasuke what he could do and Orochumaru finally made his second move. Bleach saw Aizen’s fall and Ichigo

reach his peak, power wise. One piece caused events to enter the new world and brought about a change in the era of piracy while seeing the demise of several characters. Fairy tail delved deeper into the fairy tail guild with the S-Class test, the introduction of the passed fairy tail masters, the three holy fairy tail magics and final showdown between fairy tail and the dark alliance’s strongest guild, Grimoire Heart. Hades, the strongest villain to date made his appearance and we finally saw some dragon, with Archnologia bringing the first part of fairy tail to a close in a most spectacular manner.

Of all the four, Bleach had the weakest ending. You would think that seeing Ichigo achieve final Gentsuga tensou and unleash Mugetsu, Seeing Aizen activate the Hougyoku, Ishhin’s appearance, Urahara’s fight and everything else that happened would have a spine tingling effect; and it would have, if all that had happened nearly 110-150 episodes ago or 50-100 chapters in the past. By the time these events happened we were all pretty much tired of this arc and Aizen; so a lot of excitement was over shadowed by relief that he was finally gone. Kubo dragged events out too long, to the point that everything that happened at the end just couldn’t muster the impact and epicenes it should have had. Even the revelation of Gin’s true intentions didn’t matter as much as they should have and i will admit that i didn’t care much for his death. Bleach messed up here and only a few moments, like Yamamoto’s fight and Ichigo Vs. Uluqiora saved this arc.

One piece had the strongest ending. technically the first part closes with the Marine ford arc but i would say that it stretches back a far as sabody Archipelago. That is where the gears first began turning in moving one piece towards this awesome end. I re-entered one piece and began the Sarbody Archipelago arc after marine ford was over (or nearly over) so i had the privilege of watching it all at once, over a period of a few weeks. There were way too many moments here for me to zero in one just one thing that made it so epic. The straw hat’s defeat was spectacular and logical and you could really believe that they were

completely overwhelmed.

The appearance of the white beard pirates was everything i expected it to be; there were so many characters at play with so many different powers and stories and intentions, both on the pirates side and the marine side. It felt like the whole world had come to Marine Ford. Of course White beard and Ace ( and Baggy whether you like it or not) stole the show.

Any Naruto fan can remember that final arc and knows why it was so epic. Many would point to the sasuke naruto battle being the pinnacle of the arc, but i would point to the Konoha 11 battles. They proved themselves to be more than genin.

Fairy tail changed things around and for once focused on the guild and its battle against a powerful enemy, unlike the norm where Natsu and crew go off to have an adventure. It was hilarious, especially the scenes with that big guy with the voodoo dolls; we saw god slaying magic for the first time, Cana of all people got some actual character development, Hades was every bit the monster a master should be and of course Achnologia blew me away as a fairy tail fan. I actually didn’t see the fairy tail time skip coming, which made it all the more epic. It caught me off guard.

Post-Skip:> I am not a fan of how One piece and Bleach executed the events following the time skip. it was cool to see the straw hats reunite. The idea of a shonen post time sk

ip arc is usually to show off how powerful the characters have become. The idea is to show case strong enemies that the heroes are now able to annihilate with their new powers that they couldn’t defeat before. The fish man island arc was terrible

for a post time skip arc. I might have accepted it before the time skip but not after. I could waste time mentioning so many things that were so wrong with it, but i will keep it short. The enemies were simply not worth the time. Not Luffy, not Zoro, but Ussop and Fanky could have wrapped up that entire affair by themselves. What is the point of a threat that event the weakest members of the team like Nami and Chopper could have eliminated.

It seemed like a waste, the amount of time spent simply keeping these characters busy running around because it was obvious that if they met the villains, the villains would be instantly defeated. So much of what happened here was unnecessary.

Bleach is no different; the full bring arc was crap. Again the villains were simply ridiculously weak, and what makes me hate that is the fact that they were so ridiculously hyped yet when it came for them to deliver, they fell flat on their stomachs. Even Ginju (if that is his name), after al the hullabaloo of going bankai, couldn’t touch Ichigo. It was obvious that the idea was to show just how much stronger the characters had become, but Kubo failed that when he made the villains so weak. Seriously, none of the shiningami had to do anything new to beat the enemy and i had been looking forward to seeing how strong Rukia had become with her promotion. But of course Kubo chose to put her in a stupid situation with bears and toys. Kubo could have found an easier way of giving Ichigo back his powers. What irritates me the most is how cool some of the designs he created where, especially Ginjo’s bankai and how wasted they all were. Fairy tail is still going strong in its first post time skip arc and, even with some of the glitches of the Daimatou enbu, it is setting up to be fairy tail’s best arc ever. We saw all out brawls between fairy,

every other guild they ever introduced and a whole new set of mages and magics, all determined to contend for the big prize. Beyond that is the absolutely thrilling mystery that has been written into the overall plot by Hiro, who is proving to be a master at deception and misdirection. With the introduction of Eclipse, the royal family of Fiore, powerful mages like Kagura (maybe my favorite outside Erza), Minerva, raven tail, Eclipse, possibly zeref and the dragons, this arc has more than tripled the quality of the previous S-Class arc.

Clearly fairy tail isn’t a better series than the other three. But in considering the arcs before and after a time skip, fairy tail is miles ahead of one piece and bleach.

Naruto stands only a little higher than fairy tail, if not at the same level. The saving Gaara arc was actually exciting to watch, at least much more than fish man island or full bring and did quite a lot in finally introducing the Akatsuki to us, Gaara Vs. Deidara, Sakura Vs Sasori and a host of other events. We entered into a new place in the story and there was a freshness to the arc, like the series was starting a new. Here Naruto stands above one piece, bleach and even fairy tail; there are blunders made by Hiro that i simply cannot ignore.

Time skip impact:> It would be easy to say that Naruto can’t be considered to have had the most impact because it had its time skip ages ago and thus had more than enough time to

build upon its story while beach and one piece and even fairy tail are all fairly recent. But that would be false reasoning as i am not talking about ov

erall progress that has occurred in the story since the time skip but immediately after, in the first arc. In Naruto we finally got to see Sakura in action against Sasori. Sure she couldn’t have beaten Sasori on her own but neither would Chiyo have achieved victory without her; either way she faced an Akatsuki and won, in her one and only moment to shine in the series. We saw Gaara’s rise, how he had achieved the title of kazekage and gained the hearts of his people, clearly a result of what Naruto did to him. He showed himself a totally new individual, both i spirit and in power. That fight with Deidara was incredible. It had me on the edge of my seat, not really knowing who had the upper hand at any one point in time.

Naruto did a lot in that first arc and showed that the entire series had in a way changed, and taken on a darker more serous tone. This was new Naruto.

Bleach, there is really nothing to say about it. The exact same characters before the time skip were the exact same characters presented after. Nothing changed, besides making Ichigo a little more whiny. The time skip, as far as i am concerned, had absolutely no impact on the story. If Naruto impact had the greatest impact, then bleach had the least, or rather no impact at all. It was a waste and truth be told absolutely unnecessary. The story could have done without it.

Fairy tail sits in the middle in that the main characters didn’t actually undergo a time skip; the world did, which makes the time skip here unique. The characters were all the same but everyone they knew and everything had changed. So basically the time skip impacted everything there was to impact in fairy tail, which would make it superior even to Naruto if not for the hiccups in this present arc.

The primary characters in fairy tail had more of a struggle because the world had changed around them and even the weakest of mages that they knew had become a threat; and thus they had to find a way of making up for lost time in as short a period as possible. Many people disagreed with the second origin plot, that it was power too easily acquired and given away, that fairy tai didn't have to work for it and thus it invalidates any development they might show. That was true when second origin was first introduced but not now; because the second origin power up hasn’t been used by anyone except Erza and even she didn’t need to use it until the very last battle. IN other words during the time skip the fairy tail mages weren’t left behind, it was every one else that finally caught up to them and their power, otherwise a daimatou Enbu seven years ago would have been pointless; fairy tail would have won it without trying.

This time skip was necessary whe you consider that fact, because none of this competition to fairy tail’s might would have been possible before; Hiro found away of making a lot of strong enemies available in a short time. it was clever and well done as it forced event the likes of Natsu to (some what) grow and learn to overcome the new foes.

One piece falls in line with bleach. We saw very little impact of the time skip in the fish man story. Sure they were stronger and you could see that, but the enemy was simply too weak for it to matter. It wasn’t the best foot first into the new world. I am not afraid to admit that fish man island bored the heck out of me.

Overall i believe Naruo had the best time skip and made best use of it in the short time, followed by fairy tail. As some might point out, One piece is still developing and bleach, well, like is said, bleach didn’t need the time skip and even with the interesting events of the thousand war arc, the time skip doesn’t play a role.

| |
Toriko x Dragon Ball Z x One Piece!
Toriko x Dragon Ball Z x One Piece!

Source: ANN

Two commercials began airing for "Dream 9 Toriko & One Piece & Dragon Ball Z Chō Collaboration Special!!" — the hour-long crossover television anime special between Toriko, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Z that will air on Sunday, April 7 at 9:00 a.m.

In the story, Toriko's International Gourmet Organization has sponsored "Tenkaichi Shokuōkai," a merciless race with no rules (and a nod to Dragon Ball Z's Tenkaichi Budōkai tournament). The showdown may determine the strongest of the three franchises' leads: Toriko, Goku, or Luffy.

The special will feature the following cast of characters:

Toriko: Toriko, Sunny, Zebra, Coco (the "Four Heavenly King" Gourmet Hunters), Komatsu, Rin, Setsuno

One Piece: Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Sanji, Zoro, Franky, Robin, Usopp

Dragon Ball Z: Goku, Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Kame Sennin, Android No. 18, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krilin, Announcer, Mr. Satan

| |

Ever since I became more intimately acquainted with manga and its workings, this subject about comics has irked me; especially with my recent foray into the world of comics. So I thought I would touch on it briefly, from my perspective as an ardent manga fan.

My earliest memories of comic books relate primarily to Xmen, as theirs were the titles that more frequently caught my eye. I was always fascinated to enter the comic book store and find so many differently titled books with the words ‘xmen’ written on them.

Basically I couldn’t figure out which was the real XMEN and which where the copy cats; because at that age I couldn’t see it any other way. There could only be one XMEN in one book and everything else was merely a cheap copy; so I always assumed the reason there were all these books with different authors and artists was because persons out their, probably located in some Asian country, were attempting to reproduce the success that was XMEN.

The variations differed, some with the phrase ‘uncanny’, others entirely renamed, such as ‘X-force’, but all primarily concerning the lives of mutants and their respective challenges.

AS I grew older, I began to notice that not only did the titles of XMEN books on the shelf change fairy regularly, but even the names of the authors would vary with time. Again this perplexed me, but made sense as I would traverse the pages and realize that the story that I had been reading in the last couple of months wasn’t the story that was continuing in the current book; and even more than that, there were as many missing characters from the old story as there were new characters.

Sufficing to say, I finally caught on, on the idea of how comics really operate, with regularly changing writers, artist and the directions. Funny enough, up to 2004, I was certain that not only had Stan Lee created spider man, but that he had been writing the comic for the several decades it has been in circulation.

Anyway, what I am saying is that while I have gained some understanding about the serialization of comics, I am still…disturbed by this one element…well actually there are quite a number of elements about comics that irritate me.

I watch anime, a lot of it in fact, and I will read manga on a regular basis (if I can find a good one), so when I am confronted by the ways of comics, I can’t help but cringe at the idea. Whose story is it, why change writers so often and how is the overall quality of the book affected?

These are all factors that I have a predetermined notion about; but before I delve into what I see as a critical failure in comics, I am going to first try and understand comics.

So as far as comics a concerned, I believe that they find themselves having to change artist and writers every so often primarily because of three negative factors.

ONE:> The length- I will save the bulk of this argument for another post, but comics are excessively long. We otaku have had Naruto, One Piece and Bleach for the better half of a decade; other manga like Jojo’s Bizarre adventure and Detective Conan might even be hitting the two decade mark; but none of those or for that matter any manga or manhwa work (that I can think of) is capable of standing up the decades upon decades of time that many of DC and Marvel’s most popular works have spent on the shelf.

Comics are general ridiculously long. Chances are many of DC and Marvel’s titles will be in print by the time I meet my demise. And since comics are infinite, it seems necessary to keep them fresh. Every new writer that signs onto a project is expected to breath some life into the title. Even with decades of life, fans have to be able to pick up a title of XMEN and find something new to read.

More than that, new writers appeal to new fans. With each passing generation, the heroes and villains are evolved to match the challenges of the day. Captain America started off fighting Nazis (movie knowledge) but that was ages ago. A new writer is expected to bring such an iconic character to 2013 and it’s unique set of challenges, be it Al-Qaida or global warming.

AS such Comics, in their infinite nature, have created for themselves an obstacle that they must overcome to stay relevant with the new crowd. Sometimes even the creators of characters can fail to adapt with the times, especially when unable to distance themselves from the original purpose behind the creation of their characters.

TWO:> Here we have ratings. SO comics mostly work like TV. You make a comic, publish it and people read it. If too few people take the time to read the title, it is either taken off the shelf or changes are made. From what I have seen, editors can choose to redefine the concept, such as making drastic changes to characters, titles and genres. So you have a book about batman fighting crime. But that isn’t working, so they can take batman to new Transylvania and have him fight vampires. That usually requires a whole new team of writers with a better grasp of the concept than the original.

It is unfortunate but true that comics are slaves to the ratings, as displayed by Kenny, a friend of mine that put up a petition for signatures on face book to force marvel into re-commissioning the hero Blue Marvel.

I would say that this sounds silly, but I will admit that a portion of manga titles are controlled by ratings, but unlike you average comics, I doubt that manga artists and writers would ever be asked to make changes to stories and characters merely to satisfy ratings. Most likely, if a manga fails, rather than tweak his story, a mangaka will be asked to go somewhere else to publish his work, and because of the way the manga market works, it is easier to move from one publishing company to another than it is for a comic to get dropped by one company and get picked up by another company.

More importantly the chances of a mangaka striking out on his own and creating and publishing an independent manga are higher in terms of success than they are for a comic book writer that gets dropped by DC and decides that they will self publish and market. I believe this to be a result of the tastes of otaku out their that are willing to diversify and try any new thing out there. Many comic book fans on the other hand are so dedicated to the books the love, mainly mainstream stuff like superman or spider man, that they wouldn’t give some unknown self published book the time of day. So I guess this goes to comic book fans and their fickle tastes VS manga fans and there search for new untapped talent in writing and art.

THREE:>So this point is probably the one that I find most irksome, mostly because it was the one that most confounded my early comic life back in school. So basically you have a hero playing different roles in multiple books. For instance, you have wolverine as a member if an elite mutant team in one book, the leader of a school of mutants in another book, a member of the avenger in one part of the country, a member of another avengers team in another part of the country….and so on.

It get’s confusing because basically I am left wondering whether everything I am reading is occurring in the same universe and around the exact time, and usually that isn’t the case.

So you have this one character taking part in adventures from all over the world, and what I have seen happening is that writers are moved from one book to another depending on their ability to write the story and their interests. So you can trace someone’s style of art through out the journey of a character in different dimensions of his life in different comics.

More interesting is when authors are working on more than one book at a time, or rather when they show an ability to write a book that they are not writing better than the book that they are writing…it gets confusing, at least for me, especially when I am reading news of transfers, like it’s a football game and we are exchanging players.

SO let’s forget why the comic world chooses to rely on multiple authors, be it artists or writers to create books and stick to why I hate it. Personally when I look at it from the stand point of an otaku, it seems to destroy the quality and standard of a comic.

This is what I love about manga and why I think they have mastered a superior art in comic creation, that even comic book authors and companies should emulate.

We have a mangaka that, most of the times, comes up with a concept, develops a story, creates characters, and begins to narrate the plot through his own art, conveying his own mind through these images and telling us a story from beginning to end.

The author knows what he wants to say and only he can tell the story from start to end, SO when I hear all this business about comic books and varying writers, this is what I think and imagine.

I see INCONSISTENT CHARACTERS. So we have an artist coming up and creating a unique character with unique abilities to play a specific role. Such a character will most likely mirror a part of the artist. So what happens when you introduce ten, twenty artist and writers throughout a period of 20 to 30 years?

Clearly there will be changes. Every writer will come to the table with a different view of the character that they will impose on the reader, and nothing can help that fact. Now, is that bad? No, there have been several reincarnations of these famous heroes that have been downright brilliant (I assume, I don’t know, basing on comments from a source), that have taken the character to new levels and heights, and have allowed the stories to evolve impressively.

But how many times have I read comments of how the batman of book x or superman of book Y was off, that even with a new ‘this’ and a new ‘that’, it simply wasn’t right. I hear this more and more from the rantings of my source of comics, mostly about how his beloved black panther has been ruined in this book or that book, be it a strange wedding or an uncharacteristic action.

The point is, no matter how great a character's changes are, someone out there turned to and began to follow that character because of a special something that they showed, be it attitude, speech, swagger; and even the most attractive changes for some will be an aversion to these people, because for all intent and purpose the character they began following isn’t the character they are reading.

It can’t be helped, but this is why the manga method of doing things is so attractive. Only Oda knows what the true nature of Luffy is, how he laughs, what he would say in a certain situation, and the path he will follow in his evolution. Even if you could bring in a second or third assistant ten years down the line when Oda is burnt out, who has known Oda during his work and knows the mindset he had in creating a character, what happens with a fourth and fifth replacement, mostly originating from outside Oda’s assistant pool?

You will have a Luffy that no One piece fan knows or understands. And that is just one of very many reasons that Manga is so awesome. But enough of that.

To my second point, I also envision INCONSISTENT STORIES. This is a worse element for a comic to befall than even the character bit; because while characters are important, some times a story is brilliant enough to carry the excess weight. But just like characters, every book or concept created by an author has a specific and distinct…element to it, a pathos that defines and rules it, and that distinctly mirrors a specific mindset, dependent on the author.

And like the characters, different writers have different ideas of how a story should progress; more than that, different writers have different takes on entire concepts.

IN other words, Frank Castle can still be Frank Castle ten years from now, except that he will be a space pirate killing evil aliens. Yes, the character is the same, but you took up the comic book to watch a normal man take on normal crime plaguing normal streets. Now a new writer has chosen to change the very reason you took up the book from an action genre to a sci-fi genre. That changes everything.

Every time a new writer takes on a new book, there is every chance that they will alter everything that endeared that character to you, never mind the fact that others might enjoy the changes.

Of course this is one of manga’s prominently driving elements, that even if you took a story spanning several hundred chapters over more than 20 years, you would still have a single consistent story continuing throughout this run. That is the beauty, that even with drastic changes, it is usually something that you saw coming in someway form or manner, especially if you have been following a title long enough. Even the most unexpected and drastic surprises and alterations will most likely be welcome.

There is no point touching on the whole multiple books for single characters bit; clearly I have already mentioned that it is confusing for me to read a book with superman doing one thing and then turn to another book with superman doing a whole other thing.

My problem with it of course is that the purpose behind it is money. So superman has proven to be popular in a given time period, so why not give him an extra two books; let’s throw him out their and into every face that comes into the store. I have always though that the point of writing a manga was to tell a story. If it was necessary to create two or even three titles of the same story, then fine, if it is to tell a specific story.

With that said, it is clear that I think comics could learn quite a lot from manga. Sure, stan lee couldn’t have written spider man for all these decades; but how about keeping up with the story for ten years, then passing on the mantle of the idea and mindset on to the next chosen writer for the book.

Sure, he could be old, too old to understand what the current generation wants, possibly even incapable of adapting to the needs and wants of the current readers; but that doesn’t rule him out of an advisory role, in which he could lead the new generation along the path he had originally wanted for spider man, but with alterations to speak to new minds.

The way I see comics work is that you create a character, write a couple of stories for him for about a year or two, then let the company take the rights and use the hero as they wish; heck it’s like every writer is free to do with a character as they wish.

If Kishimoto released Naruto to his publishers for a year, and returned to find the young hero with long spiky hair and wings, he would have a fit; more than that, he wouldn’t stand for it, because that isn’t the Naruto he created.


But maybe fans are fine with writers ruining their favorite concepts and characters.

Anyway, so I took the time to consider the opposite of this argument. I am mostly a manga and anime fan, and I am only starting to get into comics. My first adventure into the world of comics was ages ago, when I was around 10 or 11 years of age, and a year or so later, I lost interest.

SO it could be possible that I am behind the times, and the comics method of doing things is the future. I mean, maybe it is manga that has something to learn. I considered this question for a day or so (maybe a few hours…or minutes) and decided that minus the coloring, that wasn’t the case and here is why.

Manga works for me because it is finite. It has a beginning, middle and end. So first of all, you will not be having multiple books of the same title, and even if you did, it would play out in a totally different way from what comics normally portray.

If Oda suddenly announced the release of two more One piece books, what you will have is two new stories, contributing to the major story. In other words, two books will eventually fuse with the first book and disappear, because the only reason a mangaka would consider having multiple books is to help tell the same story better.

You definitely not see the straw hat crew off on other adventures in other books while the main book focused on the main story, not unless they somehow added to the story. Most mangaka would see it as a waste of time.

Secondly, with a finite book, what would be the purpose of multiple writers exactly. If the mangaka knows the story’s trajectory from start to end, newly conscripted writers wouldn’t as much be creating new material as they would script already determined stuff.

Besides, one could say that manga’s counterpart, anime has already proven how flawed the idea would be in the form of fillers. Because that is what they are; a predetermined concept, is handed to fresh hands to do what they will with it, and they will usually create the most atrocious staff.

Just look at Bleach. If Kubo had truly intended Bleach’s ran to end at Rukia’s rescue and Aizen’s departure, the bount arc would have been an official manga saga, written by Kubo’s successor. More than that, we would have had several more hundred chapters of it; and I still can’t remember the bount arc without thinking ‘Oh that was crap’.

Basically by looking at fillers I have determined that mangaka cannot operate using the comic book methodology of hiring different authors to carry on the story (Though I could be swayed with DBZ, Toriyama should have given up the reigns after dragon ball).

Lastly in considering how the application of western comic methods to manga would work is the length. Basically I am wondering whether, if a series like one piece were to last more than fifty years, it would require and benefit from changing writers. Well it is clear that even if the story had the ability to last that long, Oda wouldn’t. But even if he did give up the reigns, it doesn’t change the fact that he has a specific vision for his story and anyone taking over would have to follow a predetermined route to a predetermined result.

At the end of the day, it is a matter of adaptability. Is manga too stiff and unwilling to change. Are mangaka too attached to their characters? I don’t think so. It is more like comic developers are too money absorbed and easily willing to relinquish control. It might be the way of the world today, but I think it affects the quality. Plus maybe comics writers are a little greedy.


SO if I am a comic novice and I am only beginning to read comics, why should any of my opinions matter? I know some one is asking that question, and I took that into consideration, so I asked Kenny, my source of comics and crazy comic book fan, and anime novice, a few questions about what irks me about this topic.

Ignore any bad spelling or punctuation in the answers, I asked these questions and got replies via face book.So to save time I just copied and pasted.

ME: What is your take on this matter. Is changing writers in comics good or bad?

Kenny Muts: Well, it depends on the writers. where the new writer is better or worse than the previous one...there have been some comics that have been on the brink of cancellation only to be saved by a new writer with a fresh perspective on the lead characters & perhaps different writing style while in other cases the reverse is also true.

Also what should b taken into consideration is that the same can b said about the change of artists

ME: SO what if the same thing was applied to manga?

Kenny Muts: The thing with anime & manga is that most of them are independently created & personally attached to the creators(individual people...writers & artists) who prefer to handle the creativity, progression & illustrations of their own creations which is mostly different from comics(at least from Marvel & DC) were any character or book a writer or artist creates is owned by the company who can change artists & writers on those books & characters as they see fit.

ME: I still think that changing a writer messes with consistency and all that

Kenny Muts: Not really...especially if the new writer chooses to follow the writing style of the earlier writer & continues the pre-established storyline/plots especially if the earlier writer was doing a great job(astonishing reviews & acclaim from critics & readers/audience). Of course there are other writers who would prefer to do their own thing with new plotlines but bouncing off & relating to past stories while others just start fresh plots, fresh personalities without due regard to earlier work.

ME: Still sounds kind of…crazy to me

Kenny Muts: In my opinion, a change in artist is a lot more harsh than a change in writer.

ME: Does length play a role in making changes to authors, writer/artist?

Kenny Muts: Well...i dunno much about that in relation to anime but it kind of matters in comics especially if it is an ongoing comic because some writers’ contracts may come to an end or a writer is doing commendable work on the book or suddenly gets pre-occupied with something(illness, marriage, etc.) or simply requests to leave the book especially if the writer has wrangles with the editor of that book.

Added comment: Given what was said above...if regular changes in writers & artists where made in a manga or anime it may have an uneven &/or haphazard effect on the consumers(audience & readers) most particularly with the change in artists than writers because if the previous writer was doing a great job then the new writer might probably choose to imitate the writing style & continue the pre-established plots/storylines instead of just starting a brand new plot ignoring the previous writers work. Given the long standing tradition of a majority of anime where creators tend to stay with & closely develop their creations from beginning to end which to a certain extent maintains consistency.

Added Comment:

But consistency doesn't equate gr8 work.

At least not always.


All I am hearing is get rid of big evil greedy comic book companies and everything will be fine. Or maybe it is the fans who do not appreciate there comics, the way manga fans appreciate their manga.

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In case you forgot, you get to know everyone...all over again.

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“Magical Girl Alucard”

Anime Caption Contest! -- 11/24/14

Let's commemorate the end of History's Strongest Disciple manga with cool captions!

GHOST IN THE SHELL First Connection Online Trailer

And this shooter actually looks... pretty kickass?

PSYCHO-PASS 2 #8 -- Watch & Learn

What if they actually did come for your violent video games?!?!

RAGE OF BAHAMUT #3-4 -- Catch-Up

These zombies actually move rather swiftly!

Community Spotlight -- 11/21/2014

The Thanksgiving holiday is just around the bend. Let's send off November by gorging on these user submissions then take a nap.

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