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Ai Suotome

Ai Suotome is a wealthy spoiled girl from Shin's kindergarten class. Ai is often accompany with her bodyguard Mr. K. Ai is cunning and manipulative and will blackmail or exploit any weaknesses to get her way. She is in love with Shin chan.

Chane Laforet

A mute, mysterious woman, the daughter of the immortal Huey Laforet.

Chelsea Muir

Haruka Shitou

A character from the TV anime series RahXephon, Haruka Shitou aids Ayato as their mysterious relationship unfolds throughout the show.



Excel's partner in crime. She often goes on paired missions.

Kazumi Asakura

Kazumi is a member of Negi's class 3-A. She is a reporter that always has a camera and is trying to get a scope. Specializes in information and comminucations.

Konoka Konoe

Konoka is Asuna's best friend and grand daughter of Mahora Academy's head master. She's a sweet and motherly character who adores her childhood friend Setsuna. She specializes in healing magic.

Kurau Amami

A young girl who went to see her father's experiments with Rynax energy. Due to an accident, she was fused with two alien beings.

Kyoko Tokiwa

Lala Gonzalez

The Short-Fused Lucha Libre Mexican Exchange Student


ES member of the GOTT and Eclair partner. She can control all electronic device around her.

Minamo Kurosawa

The level-headed PE teacher always dealing with Yukari.

Misuzu Kamio

Misuzu is a cheerful, clumsy girl who is the first to meet Yakito Kunisaki. Her favorite phrase is a pseudo dinosaur sound "Gao."

Momoko Koigakubo


Okoi is known to use her physical attributes to get the upper hand on her Opponents.

Renee Vikro

Renge Houshakuji

A young Japanese woman who grew up in France, but transferred to Japan to follow Kyouya Ootori, who looks exactly like her favorite character from her favorite dating sim video game.

Rio Takeuchi

One of the most dangerous of the "Blade Children" Her expertise with bombs and explosives, along with her tactical mind and fragile looks make her a tough opponent for Ayumu. She is very cunning and likes to plan ahead and always has a back up plan.

Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura is the protagonist of Cardcaptor Sakura. After releasing the Clow Cards from the book, she is anointed to become a Cardcaptor by Cerberus. She wears frivolous outfits made by her best friend Tomoyo while she captures each card one-by-one with help from Syaoran Li

Satsuki Yotsuba

Satsuki Yotsuba is a member of Negi's class 3-A, and aspiring young chef! One of the most admired girls in all of Mahora Academy.

Sayaka Imamiya

Sasshi's Older Sister and a member of the Abeno Angels


Known as Simca the Swallow, Migratory Bird, or Tsubame. She is the leader of the Air Treck team called Genesis.

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