Money's Tiger

Money's Tiger is an anime episode of Hayate the Combat Butler 2nd Season that was released on 04/10/2009
Upon Nagi's losing the marathon, Hayate is fired by Klaus. Nagi responds by threatening to fire him, and Maria supports that decision after her act during the race. As such, when Hayate reappears, Klaus tells him about a chance to redeem himself at the Tiger's Den of Butlers. Located in a church, Hayate must travel there and complete the tasks the Tiger's Den throws at him in order for him to stay employed as Nagi's butler. He travels via train, and has a brief altercation with an angry otaku. However, he is saved by the odd but cute nun Sister Fortesia, who asks for a teacup set as a reward (referencing Densha Otoko or " Train Man"). Hayate is broke (having lost his spare change to the same nun before the train ride), so he gives her his energy bar. A short moment later, he arrives at the church, only to find the same nun there to give him his test.

Later, Nishizawa ("Hamster") is having tea at Nagi's mansion for some reason, and the two exchange angry words over Hayate. Nagi starts wondering if he's getting himself mixed up with another woman (as seems to have been the case throughout the series), and Maria off-handedly jokes that maybe he could be mixed up with another man this time. Later at night, Nagi calls Hayate on his cell phone, looking for some reassurance, but Sister Fortesia wakes up and rips the phone away from him as Hayate screams "No, don't touch me there!" while Nagi is still listening.

The next day, Hayate sees the Tiger's Den for himself, and is told that it involves a sort of "Dungeons & Dragons" quest. Hayate then decides that if he's going on a quest, he'll need a party to travel with him. His first member is Nagi, who went to the church to make sure Hayate was alright. The next member turns out to be Yukiji Katsura, who is pissed off upon finding her reward money from the race turned out to be a small pittance when Hinagiku subtracted the cost of her various debts from the reward. Yukiji joins up, thinking that Hayate's adventure will lead her to treasure and riches. Hayate tries asking Hinagiku as well, but she is still mad at him for taking advantage of her fear of heights to keep her from winning the race, and refuses. Hayate and Nagi try to find one more person, and Saki pops up to suggest someone.

Elsewhere, Isumi is listening to a nun who tells her about ghosts that have infested her church and made her afraid to venture back inside. Isumi refers to the old nun as "Sister Fortesia." Back at the church, the other Sister Fortesia welcomes the adventuring party of Hayate, Nagi, Katsura, and Wataru (the one Saki suggested). What does any of this have to do with butlers? Not even the narrator really knows as the party begins their quest inside the Tiger's Den.

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