Momou Inugami

Momou Inugami is a anime/manga character in the Good Luck Girl! franchise
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Momou Inugami is a dog god who is summoned by Momoji.


Momou Inugami is created by Yoshiaki Sukeno in the Binbogami Ga! manga series. He has no information regarding any inspiration used by Yoshiaki Sukeno for his creation. He makes his first manga debut in volume 2: chapter 4 and first anime debut in episode 4. He is voiced by Hiro Shimono.



He has two forms, a human and a dog. He prefers changing into a chihuahua. He has heterochromia: right eye blue and left eye green.


He is a masochist at heart, and he loves being tormented by women especially Momiji and Sakura. He enjoys S & M a lot. He tends to be energetic and very loyal.


  • Momiji Binboda - He calls Momiji "chan" and looks forward to her beatings. He follows her orders like a dog. Momiji is also the one who helped Momou discover his masochist nature and its relation to his powers.
  • Sakura Ichiko - At first, Momou plans to steal her fortune, but he is confused by the gentle Sakura. Momou ends up helping Sakura, and when Sakura reveals her vicious side, Momou begins to crave attention. He begs her to beat him more, and he calls her, "sama."
  • Bobby - Momou's most frequent companion and partner in crime on Earth. The two have grown quite close over time and spend a lot of time together. Momou doesn't see to approve of Bobby's libidinous desires towards Ichiko, however.

Story Arcs

Powers and Abilities

As the dog god, Momou has a sharp sense of smell and hearing. He can transform into a dog or back into his human form. According to Momiji, he can revert back to his human form if someone's is pleasuring him. For example, when Sakura tickles Momou in the bath, Momou accidentally change back. Due to his masochistic nature, Momou can withstand excruciating pain. Even when Sakura beats him with a bathtub, Momou begs her to keep going. He can turn pain into pleasure.

Misfortune Gadgets

  • Gabriel 2012 - Momou equips these chompers to take a bite out of Sakura's fortune.
  • Stick Voodoo Mini Version - Momou uses the voodoo doll to spread bad luck once he pulls out the nails.
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Hiro Shimono
General Information Edit
Name: Momou Inugami
Name: 犬神 桃央
Romanji: Inugami Momoo
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Binbō-gami ga! #2
1st anime episode: Good Luck Girl! #4
1st anime movie:
Aliases Momoo Inugami
Momo Inugamo
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Attractive Male
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Shape Shifter
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