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A childless woodcutter and his wife adopt Momotaro, a foundling child who springs from the inside of a peach. The superstrong child defeats Lord Brindled Dog, Lord Monkey of the Mountain, and Lord Pheasant of the Moor, who agree to become his traveling companions as he sets out to defeat all the ogres on the nearby island of Onigashima. Perhaps distantly inspired by Journey to the West, one of the most famous of the Japanese Fairy Tales, and a perennial children's favorite, the story of Momotaro is retold here with some science-fictional elements and a pastiche of Kurosawa's Seven Samurai. Pheasant Keeko, dog Pochi, and monkey Monta are asked by harassed villagers to find a hero who can save them-they approach Momotaro, who is famed far and wide for his naughtiness (guaranteed to annoy ogres everywhere). For the latter half of the series it was rebranded as New Momotaro (P[each] C[ommand] Shin Momotaro Densetsu), in which the stout Japanese boy and his companions head off into space for a more fantastical sequel. See also Video Picture Book.

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General Information Edit
Name Momotaro
Romaji: Momotaro Densetsu
Publisher ?
Start Year 1989
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Aliases Legend of Momotaro
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