Momoko Hanasaki

Momoko Hanasaki is a anime/manga character in the Wedding Peach franchise
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The lead character of Wedding Peach, Momoko has the power to transform into the titular heroine.


Her bride form was introduced in the premiere episode, while her Fighter Angel form was first introduced in the second.  

Bride Form
In this form, she wears a pale pink wedding dress (decorated with the flower-shaped ornaments, from which the largest one resides on the bow), with the pink fringe underneath it. She also wears a golden tiara, a pair of long white gloves and standard white female high-heeled shoes underneath the dress (although in one sequence from the premiere episode, she was shown wearing the same kind of footwear, that she usually wears, while in the Fighter Angel form [!]).  

(Classic) Fighter Angel Form 
In this form, she wears a multi-piece "armor-like" suit made from the light-red leotard (with partially uncovered back), dark-red breast shield (with the winged crystal heart on it), a pair of the golden shoulder pads and a short, bilayer white skirt (with the red strip in central front section) held by golden belt. She also wears a golden tiara (with two red orbs on each end) and three golden bracelets (two on her hands and one on her right leg). Finally, in this form she wears a pair of the Deluxe female high-heeled red shoes, equipped with three straps (one holding the ankle, and two forming the criss-crossing). The same kind of footwear (sans the colors) were also worn by Shaina OphiuchusMisty May, Michelle Kaioh/Sailor Neptune and Nanako Shichigusa.


- Wedding Beautiful Flower! (Normal-to-Bride Form Transformation spell)
- Wedding Change! Bridal Dress Change! Angel Amour Peach! (Bride-to-Fighter-Angel Form Transformation spell)   

- Lovely Operation Tempete (Demon curse removal spell. Usable in either Bride or Fighter Angel forms)
Saint Miroir Bridal Flash (Wedding Peach's first usual attack. In wide use until the 17th episode)
- Saint Crystal Love For You (Wedding Peach's second usual attack. In wide use since  the 18th episode)
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Kyoko Hikami
Larissa Wolcott
General Information Edit
Name: Momoko Hanasaki
Name: 花咲 ももこ
Gender: Female
Birthday: 03/03/1983
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Wedding Peach #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Wedding Peach
Recent Movies
Wedding Peach: Episode No. 10,526 - "Sorry, Yosuke"

A Special Episode, in which main three heroines (Wedding Peach, Angel Lily and Angel Daisy) received Ai-Tenshi Robo (Mecha, that resembled their pilots), to fight ...

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