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Mirai Ozora is a normal girl obsessed with shopping and modeling, who one day accidentally stumbles on her brothers invention the "Mol-Unit" and becomes a superhero.

 Tokyo, 2045. Superhero Moldiver rights wrongs and strikes poses all over the city, and pretty Mirai Ozora discovers that Moldiver is actually her brother, Hiroshi. Hiroshi's suit allows the user to repel and defy all laws of physics, which makes flight, bullet-proofing, and incredible strength easy. Mirai decides to be a superhero herself, and Hiroshi gets a shock and a half when he finds himself wearing his sister's revealing costume!

Bright, colorful, and fun, Moldiver is packed with gentle jibes at the superhero phenomenon and very aware that the only crime in this kind of anime is taking oneself too seriously. With plotlines and characters from a kiddie-cartoon, but a tongue-in-cheek self-awareness aimed at a far older audience, it's also another excellent example of how good English-language translation can be. The humor in Pioneer's dub crosses international borders with deceptive ease. Neophytes might be a little confused by Professor Amagi's attempt to raise the Yamato from the seabed in episode four, but they should be told that this old battleship has many resonances for a slightly older anime audience. It's as famous in Japan as the Titanic in the English-speaking world, with extra baggage brought by its place in military history. For anime fans, of course, it's also the star of Star Blazers, and its appearance here is a tip of the hat from Pioneer's next generation to the classic creators who inspired them to pursue their careers in the first place.

The initial letters of the episode titles ("Metamorforce," "Overzone," "Longing," "Destruction," "Intruder") spell the name of the series, right up until the final episode ("Verity"), which crams the rest of the title in one go-possibly a sign of an early cancellation.
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Name Moldiver
Name: モルダイバー
Romaji: Morudaibā
Publisher AIC
Start Year 1993
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